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Monday, November 05, 2012

This print from Pony Gold is absolutely gorgeous, love the typography.
I love embroidery from Miniature Rhino, such a pity is was sold last year.
Another gorgeous print, this time from 76 Garments
This Twin Peaks inspired painting is absolutely gorgeous, by Scott C

The Cutest Things That Ever Happened: The title pretty much says it all, more cuteness than you can shake a stick at.

Are We Ready To Look At 'Real Women'? Interesting article about the use of plus-sized models and the fantasy that we are looking for in media.

Our Adorkable Blogging Selves: Sarah talks about the blogger fantasy life, how 'real' we want blogs to be and embracing our awesome bloggy selves in our real lives.

On Adulthood: Caitlin talks about being an adult versus faking adulthood

The Totally Awesome Blog Hop: I'm taking part in Rachel, Chantilly, Marilyn and Alycia's blog hope this month. You can join up, and check out the blogs on each of their sites. I've found so many awesome new (to me) bloggers through this already!

How Accurately Do You Represent Yourself Online: November is NaBloPoMo and Alycia talks about what you choose to share online, and what you choose not to.

Witch Test: Apparently it is pretty likely I would have been charged with being a witch if I had lived in the 16th or 17th century, how about you? Via Sarah

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  1. oranges_and_apples5 November 2012 at 18:20

    thanks for introducing me to the blog hop!

  2. Great links today!
    I totally scrolled all the way through the cutest things page.. so much "awwww" going on there!! I really like the look of the Twin Peaks painting.  I've been pushing myself to paint more with watercolour, and seeing someone create the depth of the forest like this is really inspiring to me. 
    Also I've been seeing a LOT of astrology stuff lately.  Like, 4 times in the last 2 days.  Weirding me out, man!


  3. Hey, thanks for the mentions! I'm off to check out all the other links now. :)

  4. Lovely images! I enjoyed the links too! x

  5. Loved the article about "real bodies". ANd what can I say? I totally needed that "cute" pick me up on Monday!!

  6. Thanks for the link! The blog hop is pretty neat-o, eh? 

    That embroidery is gorgeous...wish I could do something like that!

  7. i love all of the prints. and the cutest things...seriously, i love sites like that! also, i'm about to take that witch test.

  8. I love that Twin Peaks painting!

  9. I loved this post! Great links and great prints! I love the link about how accurately we represent ourselves online :)
    xo TJ


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