Monday Link List: 028

This lovely print is available for free download from Avalon Rose Design
This watercolour and pencil illustration, 'Their Ancestors Were Wolves' by Lukaluka is absolutely beautiful.
Another beautiful print, this one by Bianca Green
These qualities for a beautiful life are perfect, from Christine Rose Elle
This illustration from Jill Tytherleigh is making me crave a cup of tea and a biscuit
The Lovely Closet: Erin and Stephanie have taken their business online, I could spend forever looking through all those beautiful clothes. 

Hi Friend: Definitely the cutest post all week, Charlene has a pet hedgehog who finally made an appearance on her blog. He's so adorable!

Thrifting 101: Kailey passes on her best tips for finding thrift store goodies. The only thing I would add is wear something comfy that you can try things on over the top, a lot of places don't have fitting rooms and it's pretty frustrating taking something home, washing it and realising it doesn't fit. 

How We Judge Others: Sarah talks about how her attitude towards people has changed, and her efforts to be more compassionate towards strangers. 

New Chapter For Mystery Book Sculptures: I spoke about the mystery book sculptor last year, and she is back! Six new sculptures have been hidden around Scotland, with the first being found in Glasgow yesterday. What a perfect way to celebrate Book Week. 

Get Off The Guilt Train: I live in guilt, I'm always thinking I can do more, fit everything in. Obviously I can't, or this would have been published yesterday, when it was actually Monday. It must have been fate though, because I think I really needed to read Chantilly's post about banishing unnecessary guilt from her life. 

Snapshots:Our New Home

I've been meaning to show you some photos of our flat since we moved in three months ago, but I'm so indecisive we only got the layout of our room perfected recently. We've managed to accumulate a ridiculous amount of furniture and tat over the past year and finding places for all of it has been surprisingly difficult. There is still lots to do as well, the windows have needed a good clean since we moved in, and I still haven't sorted through all the stuff the previous tenants left behind in the cupboards, but I figured if I didn't show you some photos now I never would. It's not much, but it's home. 

Snapshots: Early Nights

An alternative title for this post could also be, 'I left my outfit photos too late so here is the sky instead'. Would you believe these photos were taken at 4pm? Yup, 7 hours of daylight is all we get to look forward to at the moment. It's really no wonder that everyone is a bit down in the dumps at the moment. Today the cloud cover is so think I haven't seen the sun at all. It is the perfect excuse for a lazy day though, I'm going to catch up on some blog reading, try and sort out my posts for the rest of the week and continue my Buffy marathon on LoveFilm. And take the dogs for a run too, of course, the cold, damp weather doesn't seem to bother them at all. 

What I Wore: Muddy Paws and Vintage

I've been thinking a lot lately about luck. I've always considered myself a relatively lucky person. I have a great family and amazing friends. I grew up in a supportive and loving environment. I went to good schools, and in turn a great University (even if I didn't manage to graduate... yet) but this past week I have been lucky in a much more frivolousness, but somehow much more real way. I won a couple of competitions, and even though it doesn't actually mean anything, I'm ridiculously excited. It's funny how tiny things can make you so excited. 
Anyway, on to the clothes. I picked up this dress in the YMCA charity shop, and I love it. Finding genuine vintage for under £10 is always exciting, and I love so many details on this dress. The colour and pattern are lovely, and the detail on the front is just ridiculously cute. I wore it to take the dogs out for a walk over the weekend and pick up some shopping. We bumped into the most adorable puppy just before taking these photos and she managed to cover me in mud. I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to animals though so I didn't really care. I actually kind of like the paw print on my tights. 

It's actually getting too cold to take my coat off to take outfit photos, I'd love to try taking them inside but the lighting in our house is just awful. I could invest in some decent lights (Chantilly did a great indoor shoot yesterday) but I'm not sure it would be worth the investment. Until then I will just have to freeze, or maybe you'll just get lots of photos of my coats from now on, like the last photo below. See, I am sensible (sometimes). 

Monday Link List: 027

I'm absolutely crazy about this adorable illustration, I just wish I could find an original source!
This Fall Wreath DIY from Feathers & Freckles is absolutely adorable.
These Awkward Merit Badges from Pleated Jeans are hilarious, it's just a pity it is so funny because I do them so often. 
This Harry Potter inspired artwork is beautiful.
This print by TheWheatField is absolutely stunning, I love the Autumnal colours. 
I love everything about Rachel's outfit, the red tartan, the velvet bow and the blazer is a lovely combination.
This design from Small Talk Studio is absolutely beautiful

Tachemob Flashmob: Charlotte's photos of a flash mob in Edinburgh or Robert Louis Stevenson Day are amazing, I need to keep more up to date in what is happening in my own city!

6 Tips For (Anyone) Taking Photos: You find a lot of advice on taking good photos on blogs, but Bekuh gives some great tips that don't depend on expensive camera or photo editing software.

How I Come Up With Blog Post Ideas: Sarah shared some of the ways she comes up with new content for her blog. I always love her content, so it was interesting to see where she draws inspiration from.

On Blogging & Why People Care: Carly talks about the reasons that we blog and read blogs, and why we are drawn to certain blogs over others.

It Happened To Me: I Was A 'Lazy Welfare Mom': I'm fascinated by people's stories and I found Barbara's story about taking care of two children while on welfare was a really interesting read.

On Feminism & Equality In Parenting Blogs: Franca talks about the lack of equality in pregnancy blogs and the need to put more emphasis on parenting, not just mothering.

What I Wore: Mustard & Minnetonka

I could spend forever playing the leaves with the dogs. Walking down leafy streets drives them absolutely wild, each step I take kicks them up, even the rustling sound drives them wild. I've still not figured out exactly what the games is, but it seems to involve catching as many leaves as possible in their mouths. It can be pretty dangerous though, Scally gets a little bit too into it and has run into my foot and leg more than a few times. If I'm lucky she knocks me over, if I'm unlucky her mouth is open and I loose another pair of tights. 

I think they might actually be more upset than me when they have all blown away. 
I think this might be my new go to outfit. I've had more luck than usual in my favourite charity shops, a couple of absolutely lovely dresses (including this one) and possibly my best find ever; this pair of second hand Minnetonka moccasins. They are a brand that I have admired for a long time, but a little bit out of my price range for casual footwear. When I found them earlier this week I may have got a little bit excited. They're really comfy and perfect for days when you don't need boots, although I'm not sure how many more we will have this year. I've started doubling up my tights and I've got my thermal underwear on in these photos. So cosy!
Dress: Charity Shop (ASOS) // Shoes: Charity Shop (Minnetonka) // Cardigan: Swapped (H&M) // Hat: Charity Shop // Tights: Primark // Scarf: Swapped

What I Wore: Classic Blue & Messy Hair

Does anyone else out there sometimes absolutely hate a whole set of photos they took? I ask because I really don't like the way I look here, maybe it is the messy hair, maybe it is the fact that it was too dark to take photos without a flash at 3pm(!) or maybe I am just being fussy. Either way, I don't like these photos.  
I feel like I've been too busy to do anything properly lately. My to-do list is going down, but everything I have managed has been so rushed that I don't have any pride in it. These photos are the perfect example. If I had put just a little bit more effort into them they would have been great, but I didn't, so they aren't. 
Anyway, I'm going to stop complaining and go for a nice walk. Fingers crossed I will get up to Blackford Hill before it gets to dark and I can take some slightly better outfit photos. Hope you all are having a good week xo
Dress: Thrifted (originally H&M) // Belt: Tbrifted // Cardigan: H&M // Shoes: Peacocks

Monday Link List: 026

These amazing railway posters are available from the London Transport Museum and they are absolutely beautiful.
This poster from The Readables is perfect. 
This free project is absolutely adorable. I love needlework and these are just so cute, from Open House Miniatures
This dress from Plum & Pigeon is adorable! I love the polka dots and the collar is adorable. 
This cover for the book I Can Fly, by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Mary Blair is gorgeous

Thrifty Ways To Keep Warm This Winter: I've always seen heating as kind of a luxury, especially when I was a student, so this list is a nice reminder of things I need to do so I can avoid turning it on as long as possible. Our bed is right by the window, so I am definitely going to be adding some lining to my curtains next weekend.

Phoenix Zombie Walk: I missed out on Edinburgh's Zombie Walk last weekend and I am really regretting it after seeing Adrian's photos of one in Phoenix, very creepy.

The Cat Cafe: Stephanie and Erin visited a Cat Cafe in Tokyo, and I fell in love. Do you think I can start something similar here with puppies?

Why I Decided To Use My Own Name For My Brand: Moorea talks about choosing her business name, and has some useful advice on naming your business and/or blog.

Tips For Starting A Blog: Elizabeth shares some of her wisdom on starting (or improving your blog) I wish I had known some of these things before I started, especially about taking your own photos. It took me ages to get the guts to go out with my camera and tripod but it totally changed my life. I actually find it more difficult now if someone else is taking my photos (but maybe I'm just a bit of a control freak).

Winter Essentials: Maria talks about her favourite bits of Winter and models her (much more stylish than mine) 'slob suit'.

And finally, for those of us starting suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, Amber Rose posted 'When In Doubt Wear Higher Heels & More Lipstick' (although high heels only lead to accidents in my experience) while Jes took a more serious approach with a number of suggestions on what can help when it feels like life is kicking your ass in her post 'The Emotional First Aid Kit'.

Life certainly feels like it is kicking my ass at the moment, after staying up way too late on Tuesday night to see the US election results I've been in a bit of a funk. I'm determined that the new week is going to be better. Today I've taken the dogs on a long morning walk and had coffee with a friend this afternoon, which leads me to believe this week will be amazing.

What I Wore: Stripes, Spots & Old Favourites

I think for the first time in my life I am glad the weekend is totally over, my face has stopped looking puffy and a couple of days being incredibly lazy sorted my cold right out. Thanks for all your sweet comments, and an extra thanks to all my new followers. I hit 100 on GFC on Saturday and did a wee happy dance around the room. I've always said I would keep blogging even if no body read, but I've got to admit it does feel nice to know that people want to come back and find out what is going on in my life. 

I was still feeling a little bit tender yesterday, so I didn't so much other than some grocery shopping and taking the dogs for a long walk. I think they were getting cabin fever in the house this weekend, well, Mania at least. Scally has spent the past three evenings hiding under the bed shaking because of the fireworks. We had this problem over Summer too, but after seeing how unhappy she was the past few days I am definitely planning on being out of the city for New Year. You know something is wrong when your perpetually hungry dog has no interest in bacon. At least it is all over for now. 
This outfit is a nice mix of old and new items, the dress and cardigan are both purchases from this year,but I have had the scarf and shoes for quite a while. I actually thought Mania had totally destroyed these shoes during her chewing phase, but I took a second look at them recently and buying a pair of insoles has totally saved them. There is a little bit at the back that has obviously been chewed, but I'm hoping no one will look at the back of my feet for too long. I love the colour, and they are surprisingly comfortable and good quality for Primark shoes. 

I've been really bad lately for ignoring the older items in my closet, so I'm trying to go to the effort of including at least one item I have had for over a year in each of my outfits. It's proving surprisingly difficult, seeing as I go with the same formula of dress, cardigan and tights most days. You would think that blogging about my style would encourage me to expand my style horizons a bit, but other than teaching me a lot about my body shape, it seems to have cemented whatever style I already had. I suppose that is a good thing though, at least I haven't fall down the hole of buying things purely for the sake of blogging. I've actually never been happier with my wardrobe than I am at the moment. Have any of you guys ever tried out a trend you weren't particularly keen on just so you could blog about it? 
Dress: Zara // Cardigan: Thrifted // Shoes: Primark // Belt: No Idea // Scarf: Tammy at BHS about 6 years ago