What I've Done: September 2012

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


  • Move in day. I cannot believe it has been over a month in our new place now, I really need to hurry up and get everything unpacked and looking pretty!
  • The French returning permanently after a summer of being apart
  • A week long visit from one of my favourite people in the world
  • Various other friends graduating/returning home. Nearly all my favourite people are back in Edinburgh now and I am so pleased
  • The start of autumn, despite not really having a summer this year in Scotland I'm looking forward to the colours changing, windy walks with the dogs and lots of curling up under blankets for film nights
  • My fancy new phone! I final joined the 21st century and got a fancy phone, unfortunately my service provider doesn't do micro sims so currently I can't use it for it's full purpose but I've really enjoyed setting it up, joining Instagram and finally getting a copy of Angry Birds
  • Meeting my first ever tame crow, this wee one was injured at the beginning of summer and taken in by one of my friends. It's all better now, and free to leave, but whenever anyone goes in their backgarden it comes over to say hi. It's beautiful, but unfortunately has a habit of doing its business while sitting on peoples shoulders.
This month I spent way to much time in front of the TV, I've recently got back into cross-stitch and embroidery so I've been curled up watching Pushing Daisies and lots of Disney films while making things. I've also spent a lot of time trying to find free art online, I really want to decorate our house but currently can't afford to buy stuff from my favourite artists so I've been taking advantage of lots of free printables for decorating purposes - luckily I found the Free Art Project through Smile and Wave, which has loads of beautiful stuff. I also got rid of 3 bin bags of clothes that I no longer wear, impressive considering how much of a hoarder I am! 

Looking Forward To
Cold weather, hot drinks, the possibility of a new laptop on the horizon, Halloween and all the decorating it involves, living with a group of people I love. 

No new to me blogs this month as I've barely been online but I promise I'll have lots to share with you next month!  

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  1. A tame crow? So cute!

    Glad you're settling into your new place and life is going well!

  2. Mostly good things so a pretty good month all around then! Im loving having Instagram too :) xx

  3. That bird looks at me... creepy! But he sounds sweet ^^ Your love list is longer dan you hate list so that's still a good thing ;-) Hope you can enjoy lots of time with your returned friends now instead of sitting behind the tv :-) x

  4. I really like this idea for a post! Very clever and interesting to get a glimpse into your month! xo


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