What I Wore: Bunnies All Over

Friday, October 19, 2012

Just a quick post today, I'm all set up for an evening of baking (I'm planning on perfecting my profiteroles) then one of my best friends arrives at midnight for a weekend visiting people in Edinburgh. I'm really excited to see him. It's been over six months since we last got together and he's been all over the place since then, including a couple of months in Texas and cycling in the Himalayas, so I'm looking forward to hearing all the stories he has to tell. We're gonna pick up a couple of beers and spend the evening catching up.

I've said it before, but I love the bunny print on this romper. Combined with the collar and poclet detail (but unfortunately no real pockets) it is kind of everything I love in a piece of clothing. I took advantage of a brief respite in the wet weather to wear a pair of pretty flats, these ones from Primark are beautiful but horribly impractical. I like to keep a pair of trainers in my bag when I wear them so I can switch if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Happy Friday folks!

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  1. I looove this bunny print romper!! It's adorable, looks great on you!! Have a wonderful weekend with your best friend

  2. The print on this is so adorable! I can never seem to wear a romper comfortably. I've got a super cute sailor themed one, but I just use it as a bathing suit coverup! Something about the intensely micro short shorts makes me...uh...nervous?
    I'm sucker for black and white, this makes your hair stand out so nicely!

  3. Lovely outfit hun, very cute romper!

  4. I love your hair and your romper!!! Great look. I hope you have time to check out my blog. xx


  5. This bunny print is so adorable!! Your hair looks great too, such cute pictures.
    Nikki Joy x

  6. This is the cutest romper, ever! 

  7. Hi Alice! 

    Adore the bunnies! The romper is adorable! I'm really enjoying your take on style! 

    Great piece! 

    ~ Tasha 

  8. That's possibly the cutest romper that has ever, ever existed.


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