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Monday, October 22, 2012

This paper moon photo is absolutely stunning, from Kathleenie's Flickr
This is so true (for me and most other people I know) definitely my new motto (possibly from this Tumblr)
Kaley's DIY collar is ridiculously cute, I'm thinking of trying it with coloured beads instead.
This calligraphy needs to go up on my wall, it's just so pretty!
This is just perfect, I love the colours and fonts. Unfortunately I have no idea where it came from! If you know please tell me!
Oana Befort does the most beautiful illustrations, but I think this is my favourite one, it's just too perfect!

This just reminds me of everything that is wonderful about Christmas, it's so ridiculously cute!

Britain Launches Nationwide Pro-Choice Awareness Campaign; Anti Choicers Predictably Freak Out: I think of the UK as being relatively forward thinking when it comes to women's rights over their reproductive systems, so it is frustrating me that it has become an issue again (we even had pro-choice people protesting in Edinburgh this week). It frustrates me that it is still necessary, but I think BPAS's campaign NoMoreNames is perfectly timed, especially after Jeremy Hunt's comments last week.

Dreams On Big Screen: Why Cinema's Are Value For Money; I'm sure you guys already know, but (at the moment at least) I am a massive scrooge with my money. I hate spending on anything that isn't essential (yes, my charity shop/Primark finds total fall under that category) so I've not been to the cinema in years. Sarah's post definitely made me re-think my viewpoint. In fact I'm planning on going to the cinema with my lovely boyfriend some time this week for a date night.

On Becoming A Newly Published Author; I've always kind of dreamed of writing a novel, ever since I was a child and wrote fantasy diaries. I loved learning more about Leah's story and how she self-published.

Story-Teller: Despite my interest in chronicling my life through photography I rarely give much thought to professional photographers, Carrie's interview with Tim Walker certainly opened my eyes so how I can get inspiration from sources other than my favourite blogs.

Desert Dandelion: I'm loving the new name and new look for Caitlin's blog (you might know her from To Make Love Stay) I thought about starting again after my massive blogging break earlier this year, but I was a bit scared of losing contact with some of my wonderful bloggers who are kind enough to read my ramblings. I think it is really brave that she started again.

Who Wants To Party With Me? Mandy is celebrating Halloween this year by holding a Halloween Costume Party. I was planning on sharing my costume with you guys anyway, but getting to check out some other awesome blogger's outfits just makes it even better.

Happy Monday folks!

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  1. That calligraphy image is so inspiring! I've been brainstorming ideas for a blog makeover, and that so has the feel of the new banner I'd like to create.  I haven't read the article yet, but I feel you about the conflict of money and the movies.  I tend to pick and choose films I want to see in theatres, vs those I can wait to watch at home.  As a result, I tend to mostly see action and horror type films in theatres, and they are really enhanced by the sound, large image and all that.  Also, I have convinced my boyfriend that we should only see movies when he comes to visit me on the weekends, as tickets cost $3 less here! $6 a trip adds up really fast, and that way we always have going to the movies when there's nothing else to do out here (and there is seldom anything else to do, haha!).  That way we still get to go out and see some films (boyfriend is such a movie buff.  I guess that's an actor thing), but we don't break the bank.  I couldn't believe how expensive seeing a film has gotten back home! Additionally, I love to support Rep Cinemas whenever I can.  Cult classics, ahoy!

  2. I loved all the illustrations today, and as always I have a bunch of links pulled up to read! This is definitely the high point of my Mondays!

  3. Yay! So glad I talked somebody round; have fun at the cinema!

  4. That pearl collar looks gorgeous and really manageable...even for a slightly clueless DIY'er like me :) I also love Oana Befort's beautiful illustrations...this is one of my favs but I've also been eyeing up her beautiful Thank You cards to use as my post-wedding thank you cards. Lovely links as always :)

  5. PS: I could happily take up permanent residence in a cinema so yay for your change of heart :)


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