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Monday, October 08, 2012

I love this illustration, Scully is definitely one of my heroes (via)
This coffee illustration is beautiful and useful (via)
I've been getting a bit worried taking outfit photos lately because of the wind, but that does mean it is perfect kite weather. This explanation is super cute too (via)
I wish these shoes were still available, so cute!
Another great reminder, and so pretty too.
This illustration is stunning, it's such a pity I can't work out who drew it :(

Are American's Really Scared Of Carbs? Franca looks back on her recent trip to NY and thinks about cultural eating habits.

Why I Make Nicole talks about her poetry and why creating things is in integral part of her.

See Saw Mrs Thrifty talks about the stigma of dealing with mental illness, I suspect a lot of bloggers have dealt with mental illness issues but it still isn't something we talk about (myself included) but as 1 in 3 people deal with it during their lives I think we should definitely try and be more open about it. I think it's wonderful she is sharing her story. 

I love all the Autumnal outfits appearing on my BlogLovin' at the moment, Elizabeth, Kaylah and Maria have all shared gorgeous outfits this week. 

And a big congratulations to Kaelah on her wedding, she's such a lovely girl, and such an inspiration to me, I'm so glad she is getting her happily ever after.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. When I was at uni, I had shorter reddy/blonde hair - i used to get called Scully!! ;)

    Sal x

  2. I loved looking through those outfit posts! I've been sick with a bad cold recently so I haven't been doing outfit posts myself, but seeing some lovely ladies all bundled and fabulous is getting me in gear to dress up and take some pictures!
    Also as a redhead who grew up LOVING the X Files, that Scully print is REALLY doing it for me!


  3. Wow...loving the new layout! It's stunning and very professional looking. Some great links here as usual to distract me from Monday to-do lists :)

  4. Oh my gosh that Scully is so amazing!


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