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Monday, October 01, 2012

These cushions are seriously cute, I especially like the fox

I love this message, and the photo and font are gorgeous too.

These origami bows are seriously cute, I think I might try and make my own to decorate presents this Christmas.

So true! I lost most of my tea collection in the move and I'm looking forward to rebuilding it

More of my current hot drink obsession, I love this coffee bar, so cute!

Maker's Unite: The Revolution Will Be Homemade looks at the increase in hobbyists and small businesses as a production force.

An Alternative Take On London Fashion A much needed reminder to me that I need to think more about where my clothes are coming from, and whether workers are paid a proper living wage (via Sarah)

My Top Five Closet Storage Solutions Kate posted some of her tips and tricks for her clothes and I love the way she has everything displayed.

Sweet Tea Hot Toddy one of my favourite winter warmers

DIY Natural Skincare I love the idea of making more of my own skincare bits and bobs, and these look so easy to make. Maybe next weekend I'll have a day pampering myself.

How To Hang Art Groupings is an amazingly useful post for me right now, I'm just reaching the point of decorating our walls and I need all the help I can get!

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  1. Firstly, I'm absolutely loving your new hair! No outfit can ever be boring with that beautiful shade as an accessory :) And yep my wedding + honeymoon are all over now but luckily I have a shiny new hubby as a consolation prize :) I'm moving to Glasgow in a couple of days too so it feels like a doubly exciting new chapter in my life. Hope you're settling into your new abode! I love these links too as always..being a country bumpkin those animal cushions are particularly cool!

  2. How I Love this! Another inspiring photo :)

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