A New Addition

Thursday, October 18, 2012

So, I’ve been sitting on this piece of news for quite a while now, and I am really excited to finally get to share it with you all officially. Some of you may have guessed, and new readers possibly didn’t know that she wasn’t part of the family anyway, but we’ve officially added Scallywag to our little pack. 

Way back in June a couple of our good friends asked if I could look after Scallywag while they were away working for the Summer. I was already looking after Mania, as my poor boyfriend was away working too, and I knew Scallywag pretty well as we shared a flat with her owners last year, so I happily agreed. After all, how much harder could it be to look after 2 dogs than 1? A lot, it has turned out, but that’s beside the point.

Originally I was meant to be looking after her for the Summer, but in July her owners came to speak to us and asked if we would keep her permanently. We pretty much agreed on the spot. They couldn’t keep her any longer, and the idea of her being with anyone else was just too strange for both of us, so it only seemed natural that she stay with us permanently. I was more than a little worried that her owners would change their minds, one of the reasons I haven’t made it ‘official’ until now, but they seem to be happy with their decision and we are ecstatic about ours! Scally is a wonderful dog; well behaved, affectionate, she plays fetch and she even sleeps under the covers at my feet (when I let her).

Not to say that we haven’t had a couple of teething problems. I’ve felt quite a bit of guilt over getting another dog so soon after my Miniature Schnauzer, Bertie, died in May. I got him when I was 10 and I found losing him incredibly difficult, in fact I still can’t bring myself to change the photo of me in my sidebar. I’ve been keeping in mind that this wasn’t pre-meditated though, and that Scally deserves an owner who can love her with their whole heart. I really want to be that person for her.

We’ve also had some jealousy problems with Mania, and occasionally they play a bit rougher than I would like. The noises that come out of them can kind of scare passersby, but I’ve spoken to a vet who says that it is perfectly normal. Hopefully they’ll calm down a bit as they get used to each other though. And they obviously enjoy each other’s company most of the time.

I really looking forward to sharing some amazing memories with her, and she has definitely solidified our little family. So, here it is, I officially have a new dog. Now I just need to find a way to tell my Mum, who tells me off every time I adopt another animal.

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  1. Dogs are the best animals ever in my opinion! 
    When we brought another dog into the picture my other dog wasn't happy, but now they are just so unbelievably cute together. They go everywhere with each other :L ♥

  2. Oh I am so jealous!!
    I love dogs, I have and will always be firmly a dog person.  I am also very fond of larger breeds, ones that can hold their own and wrestle, you know the sort of pony sized dogs!!
    I'm sorry to hear about your dog passing away in May.  My family dog (who I did not live with at the time) passed in May as well, and it's strange to see the moments where my mind will play tricks on me, and I'll think I'll play with him when I visit my dad, before I remember that I can't.  Not sure when that information is going to quite solidify.  It's sad, but I look forward to having a dog of my own some day :)

  3. oh wow! what a beaut! they'll be best bud before you know it ;) and i am LOVING the new layout. very very very cool! i've been reading blogs on my phone for a few weeks so this is the first chance i've had to see it and it looks amazing hun xx have a great weekend!xx

  4. Awww scallywag that's such a cute name!! I bet they will learn to get along very soon, they're just getting to know each other right now :) I love dogs so much, Mr. Duke needs a playmate I think

  5. Giulia Lifeisaromanticpoem18 October 2012 at 16:45

    She's beautiful :) and I know what you mean when you say that you feel a little guilty to have got her after your beloved dog died, it happened to me too...but the thought that for my new dog we could be the loving family she needed was strong enough to get over the feeling of guilt.
    Life is a romantic poem

  6. Oh my goodness what beauties! I bet it is a lot of work watching them but totally worth it too! 

  7.  Awww, I'm so sorry, loosing a pet is always horrible. It's amazing how much they become part of the family xo

  8.  Aw, thanks! I'm pretty sure they are nearly there already, they've started misbehaving in the same ways. I don't know whether to be impressed or terrified xo

  9. Aww! Congratulations on the newest little member of your family!

  10. adopting an animal is one of the most wonderful things a person can do. such a cutie 

  11. Scallywag is SO cute and I love that name :) Congrats on your new addition!

  12. Aww, congratulations! She's lucky to have found you. :)

  13. Such beautiful dogs, I am so so jealous, I would love one of my own!

    Maria xxx

  14. Scallywag is beautiful!! I had the same thought about two dogs not being much harder than 1 when I added my silly poodle to our household, and found out very quickly how much harder (but completely worth it) having 2 dogs is!
    I'm sure they'll settle down together soon enough!


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