Lazy (& Cheap) Halloween Wreath DIY

Late last night I had the sudden realisation that Halloween is Wednesday, I know, we bloggers have been talking about it since the start of the month, but time seems to be moving faster than usual at the moment and I totally spaced on (i) decorating the house and (ii) sorting out my outfit. 

Well, I still have no idea what I am going to wear, but at least I managed to make something festive for the front door. I've seen lots of fancy DIY's to make Halloween wreaths this year, but to be honest there was no way I wanted to spend the same amount of money on craft supplies that I would on just buying one, so I made this out of things I already had in the house. 

All you need is: a metal coat hanger, someone strong enough to bend a metal coat hanger, some coloured paper, scissors, a black pen and lots of sticky tape. 
Start by bending the hanger into a rough circle shape, you are going to be taking things to it so don't worry, it doesn't need to be perfect. Mine was definitely more diamond shapes than circular, but if you position the paper properly then no one will be able to tell. 

Now you're going to want to cut out some paper shapes. I went for pumpkins and ghosts, because that is the colours of paper that I had anyway, but you could do vampires, witches, pretty much anything Halloween themed. I did one of each and then used that as a stencil for the rest of them. Cut then out and then add some details with your black pen. I'm definitely not an artist, but I was quite pleased with how then came out. You're also going to want some bits to fill in between the characters. Again, I went for green leaves and black flowers because that's the paper I already had, but you could also do Autumn coloured leaves in reds and oranges if you want it to be a bit more cheerful. 

After I had all my shapes cut out I just started sticking them down with the tape. I started with the pumpkins and ghosts, so they would be at the front, then I added the black flowers behind them and finally the leaves to fill in an empty looking spaces. I positioned each bit with one piece of tape, checked that it was in the right place, then flipped the wreath again to secure each bit with even more tape (seriously, there is a ridiculous amount of tape on the back of this!)

 Finally I made the 'Happy Halloween' banner by writing it out with a  brush in glue, then covering it in green glitter. Wait a minute then tap off the excess and put it back in the glitter packet. Tape that behind everything else and you are ready to go. Because we are in a rented flat I ended up blue-tacking this to the door instead of hanging it, but the hanger makes it super easy if you don't mind putting a pin in your door. 

So, there we go, it took me about an hour and a half in total to make this. Totally manageable this evening if you, like me, aren't very organised when it comes to decorating. Now I just need to sort out an outfit...

*I have no idea where I saw the idea of using a metal hanger as the base, probably Pinterest, so I can't take any credit for it, if anyone knows who I can credit then please let me know.

Monday Link List: 024

These meringue ghosts are just so ridiculously cute, definitely going to make some for Wednesday
I love this WWII poster about food preservation, I'm a big fan of making jams/soups with veg that is slightly past its prime but I can't always be bothered. I need this up in my kitchen to remind me.
I actually hadn't heard of the I Am Project until I saw this poster, but I've been looking at their manifesto and they are some amazing ladies! 
These owl paperdolls are just ridiculously cute. I used to have a huge collection when I was little, but never anything like this. 
I don't know where it is from, but I just had to include it. If only more people remembered this then I think the world would be a much better place, it's true on so many levels.

Money Saving Handbag Essentials: Mrs Thrifty posted her favourite items in her handbag to help her save money and they are great. I already use cash instead of cards, but I love the idea of noting down all my purchases (especially when I am in the charity shops!)

Imaginary Fashion Bloggers: I found Alice's site through Modcloth earlier this week and I have been going through all her previous posts. She is such a talented artist, and I love seeing some of my favourite dresses on her little figures (check out her post with that Dear Creatures dress)

An Open Letter to Ann Coulter: Reading John Franklin Stephen's eloquent letter to Ann Coulter nearly made me cry, my new hero. 

Birthday Suit: Rachele did the most adorable self portrait ever on her blog this week, I'm totally in love with it (warning: NSFW)

Blogger Gifts, When To Say No: I can only dream of the day when companies want to give me things, but I'm definitely going to keep these things in mind if that day ever comes.

Sentimental Value: Noteworthy stories about clothing from Ebay. So many cute stories! 

Three of my favourite bloggers shared some of their wedding photos this week. FranniePantz, The Headless Mannequin and Kaelah Bee. They were all absolutely beautiful, and so different. Congratulations again guys!

What I Wore: Plaid, Dogs & Changeable Weather

Yes, I did the cliched blogger holding leaves photo, but let's forget about that. These photos are from our dog walk on Friday, we had some extra time so we decided to take the two of them up to Blackford Hill. I think it is one of my favourite dog walking spots in the city, there is pretty much everything you could want in one space; a bid field for running, meandering paths through the woods, a little river, the quarry, a duck pond and one of the best views in Edinburgh (if you can be bothered walking to the top of the hill - we couldn't). 

This is kind of typical of my long dog walking outfits; jeans, shirt and a pair of warm boots. I had thought about wearing a dress, but changed my mind at the last minute, which was pretty lucky considering. When we left the flat the sky was blue and there was some lovely crisp Autumn air, but by the time we got up there the clouds had started to appear and it got really dark really quickly, and then with no warning it started to hail! The weather round here is changeable at the best of times, but it was a good reminder to make sure I have extra layers!

We've had a nice lazy weekend here, yesterday evening we watched a couple of scary films (a very bad plan, I had some very strange nightmares last night). Today we did some shopping and took the dogs out for a walk, Mania was an absolutely monster and got into a bit of a scuffle with a cat, but they both came out of it ok. She's got a couple of scratches on her face, but I'm pretty sure they were deserved. We checked over the cat too, which seemed to be ok, if a little disturbed. Luckily it's owners were pretty forgiving, but we swapped details anyway. We're not really sure what to do though, it's the first time she has gotten into any sort of fight and I'm still feeling a little bit on edge. We're going to keep an extra close eye on her for the next few days. 

I think the rest of today is going to be pretty lazy too, I pulled out my Hocus Pocus DVD (how cute is Sean Murray as Thackery?) and I'm going to write tomorrows post and catch up on some blog reading then make dinner. I become a bit of a hermit when the weather is bad, but I love it. 
Jeans, Shirt, Coat & Scarf: Second Hand // Boots: Charity Shop // Gloves & Black T-Shirt: Primark

What I Wore: Berries & A Beret

I'm so pleased, I finally found somewhere I feel comfortable taking outfit photos near our new flat! I've walked through this little alleyway quite a few times recently, admiring the bright red leaves that are spilling over the walls and the texture of the stone walls. It can be pretty busy at certain times of day, but if you go at just the right time in the afternoon it is quiet enough to set up without too many awkward encounters. I'm hoping I can find somewhere a little bit more quiet, but in a pinch this is a beautiful spot.

I think I've worried about this on here before, but I'm actually starting to get seriously worried about outfit photos this Winter. We had the most incredibly foggy day yesterday, and according to the weatherman we might be getting snow and freezing fog this weekend. Perfect. I'm trying to soak up every moment of sunlight I can before darkness descends, and take every opportunity I have to take outfit photos. I think I am going to have to give up and find somewhere in the flat eventually though, or accept that I won't have any 'what I wore' posts between November and March. Any advice on taking nice outfit photos inside? There are a couple of bloggers who do it really well (Kate and Becky are the first who come to mind) but I'd love some more inspiration/advice.
I found these berry coloured tights hiding at the back of one of my drawers and just knew they would be the perfect colour to wear with my newly coloured hair. As usual I'm totally behind the times, these babies were all the rage last Winter. I got them back in March for 50p but never even took them out the packet till yesterday. To be honest I wasn't sure if the cut out bits were a bit too much, but with a pair of black tights underneath it was much more subtle, plus I was nice and cosy, especially with my hat, scarf and gloves - yes, I really cannot handle the cold! 
I tried to get Scallywag involved in the outfit post, but she wasn't having any of it. This was the best of many, many photos.
 Dress: Zara // Boots, Belt, Tights & Gloves: Primark // Hat, Cardigan & Coat: Second Hand

What I Wore: A Little Bit Fancy

Sometimes a crappy day calls for a fancy outfit. This was one of our first really cold days in Edinburgh, but rather than root out my thermals and my lazy day jeans I decided to go completely the other way and try and find a way to wear one of my favourite evening dresses during the day. Whenever I wear this dress I feel like a lady (I'm not sure what that means, but I feel it anyway) the pattern in lovely, and the material is nice and heavy so it kept me nice and warm while I was walking around the city centre. I'm not convinced that woolie tights was the way to go with it, but, as I said, it was freaking cold.

It's kind of sad to be posting these photos too, since I took them my bright hair is gone. If you follow me on Instagram you'll already know this (shameless plug, my name is prettyconfused, come follow me!) but last week I dyed my hair dark purple and cut my fringe again. The colour is a bit darker than I was hoping for, actually much darker than the box would have had me believe, but I'm happy with it (for now). I think the coloured hair made my outfits look a lot more fun though.

Well, I'm off, this week (and especially today) already feels like it is kicking my ass. I'm going to try and be productive today so I can relax for a little while this evening. Maybe if I am lucky I will have the time and energy to make myself a special treat for dinner.

Monday Link List: 023

This paper moon photo is absolutely stunning, from Kathleenie's Flickr
This is so true (for me and most other people I know) definitely my new motto (possibly from this Tumblr)
Kaley's DIY collar is ridiculously cute, I'm thinking of trying it with coloured beads instead.
This calligraphy needs to go up on my wall, it's just so pretty!
This is just perfect, I love the colours and fonts. Unfortunately I have no idea where it came from! If you know please tell me!
Oana Befort does the most beautiful illustrations, but I think this is my favourite one, it's just too perfect!

This just reminds me of everything that is wonderful about Christmas, it's so ridiculously cute!

Britain Launches Nationwide Pro-Choice Awareness Campaign; Anti Choicers Predictably Freak Out: I think of the UK as being relatively forward thinking when it comes to women's rights over their reproductive systems, so it is frustrating me that it has become an issue again (we even had pro-choice people protesting in Edinburgh this week). It frustrates me that it is still necessary, but I think BPAS's campaign NoMoreNames is perfectly timed, especially after Jeremy Hunt's comments last week.

Dreams On Big Screen: Why Cinema's Are Value For Money; I'm sure you guys already know, but (at the moment at least) I am a massive scrooge with my money. I hate spending on anything that isn't essential (yes, my charity shop/Primark finds total fall under that category) so I've not been to the cinema in years. Sarah's post definitely made me re-think my viewpoint. In fact I'm planning on going to the cinema with my lovely boyfriend some time this week for a date night.

On Becoming A Newly Published Author; I've always kind of dreamed of writing a novel, ever since I was a child and wrote fantasy diaries. I loved learning more about Leah's story and how she self-published.

Story-Teller: Despite my interest in chronicling my life through photography I rarely give much thought to professional photographers, Carrie's interview with Tim Walker certainly opened my eyes so how I can get inspiration from sources other than my favourite blogs.

Desert Dandelion: I'm loving the new name and new look for Caitlin's blog (you might know her from To Make Love Stay) I thought about starting again after my massive blogging break earlier this year, but I was a bit scared of losing contact with some of my wonderful bloggers who are kind enough to read my ramblings. I think it is really brave that she started again.

Who Wants To Party With Me? Mandy is celebrating Halloween this year by holding a Halloween Costume Party. I was planning on sharing my costume with you guys anyway, but getting to check out some other awesome blogger's outfits just makes it even better.

Happy Monday folks!

What I Wore: Bunnies All Over

Just a quick post today, I'm all set up for an evening of baking (I'm planning on perfecting my profiteroles) then one of my best friends arrives at midnight for a weekend visiting people in Edinburgh. I'm really excited to see him. It's been over six months since we last got together and he's been all over the place since then, including a couple of months in Texas and cycling in the Himalayas, so I'm looking forward to hearing all the stories he has to tell. We're gonna pick up a couple of beers and spend the evening catching up.

I've said it before, but I love the bunny print on this romper. Combined with the collar and poclet detail (but unfortunately no real pockets) it is kind of everything I love in a piece of clothing. I took advantage of a brief respite in the wet weather to wear a pair of pretty flats, these ones from Primark are beautiful but horribly impractical. I like to keep a pair of trainers in my bag when I wear them so I can switch if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Happy Friday folks!

A New Addition

So, I’ve been sitting on this piece of news for quite a while now, and I am really excited to finally get to share it with you all officially. Some of you may have guessed, and new readers possibly didn’t know that she wasn’t part of the family anyway, but we’ve officially added Scallywag to our little pack. 

Way back in June a couple of our good friends asked if I could look after Scallywag while they were away working for the Summer. I was already looking after Mania, as my poor boyfriend was away working too, and I knew Scallywag pretty well as we shared a flat with her owners last year, so I happily agreed. After all, how much harder could it be to look after 2 dogs than 1? A lot, it has turned out, but that’s beside the point.

Originally I was meant to be looking after her for the Summer, but in July her owners came to speak to us and asked if we would keep her permanently. We pretty much agreed on the spot. They couldn’t keep her any longer, and the idea of her being with anyone else was just too strange for both of us, so it only seemed natural that she stay with us permanently. I was more than a little worried that her owners would change their minds, one of the reasons I haven’t made it ‘official’ until now, but they seem to be happy with their decision and we are ecstatic about ours! Scally is a wonderful dog; well behaved, affectionate, she plays fetch and she even sleeps under the covers at my feet (when I let her).

Not to say that we haven’t had a couple of teething problems. I’ve felt quite a bit of guilt over getting another dog so soon after my Miniature Schnauzer, Bertie, died in May. I got him when I was 10 and I found losing him incredibly difficult, in fact I still can’t bring myself to change the photo of me in my sidebar. I’ve been keeping in mind that this wasn’t pre-meditated though, and that Scally deserves an owner who can love her with their whole heart. I really want to be that person for her.

We’ve also had some jealousy problems with Mania, and occasionally they play a bit rougher than I would like. The noises that come out of them can kind of scare passersby, but I’ve spoken to a vet who says that it is perfectly normal. Hopefully they’ll calm down a bit as they get used to each other though. And they obviously enjoy each other’s company most of the time.

I really looking forward to sharing some amazing memories with her, and she has definitely solidified our little family. So, here it is, I officially have a new dog. Now I just need to find a way to tell my Mum, who tells me off every time I adopt another animal.

What I Wore: Birds & Florals

Looking back on these photos (they're a whole week old) it is crazy to see how much my surroundings have changed already. The floor is now littered with leaves, some of the trees are close to bare, and for the past 2 days I have been layering up (at my worst six yesterday) in order to keep warm. I'm not entirely sure how I am going to manage to take outfit photos outside at the moment, without freezing anyway. Not that it is all bad, I've got to pull out all my scarves, hats and gloves, I think this is the only time of year I think about accessorising (although I plan to start making more of an effort).
This dress is another £5 lovely from Primark (I seriously need to stop going in there!) but I'm still not quite decided about it. I like the print and the colours, but white dresses are in serious danger of being ruined by me. I'm also not sure about the plastic gold buttons, Primark are really bad for finding ways to make their clothes look just a little bit tacky. I might take them off and replace them with some plain black ones. And yes, I am wearing those same black boots again. I know, complete blogging faux pas, they are just so comfy. I've actually wore them to take some outfit photos over the weekend too, but I promise after that I will wear something else on my feet. I actually bought a really cute pair of brown boots in the Salvation Army today, they aren't great quality but they should be perfect for dry days (fingers crossed we actually get some!)

Monday Link List: 022

I love this image from Sevenstar's Flickr, absolutely adorable!
This mixture of illustration and texture is amazing, by Jutta Rikola
I love this little work space, absolutely adorable!
This print is gorgeous, and buying it supports a really great charity too!
I swear I am obsessed with all things fox at the moment, and this pillow by Cuore is no exception!
I'm on a big decorating kick at the moment and I'm loving the number of free printables you can get online, this cute cat is from Vintage Printables is purrfect It's originally by Byeon Sang-byeok.

The Theft of Handmade: Beca shares her frustration with people blatantly copying other people's hard work. I'm always nervous of buying from sellers I don't know on Etsy for this very reason, the place seems to be a breeding ground for intellectual theft (check out Regretsy if you don't believe me).

The New Leaf Co-op: I don't know if I have any readers in Edinburgh (but if I do, hey there!) but I thought I would share this video about a new food co-op in Marchmont anyway. I think this is a fantastic idea and I am really looking forward to supporting the shop.

My Birthday's Eve: Bekuh talks about where she thought she would be at 27, and the idea that we should have it all figured out.

Telling Your Story Via Instagram: I'm still working out the best way to use Instagram, but Allison's post really helped me work out a vision of what I want to share, and what to avoid, (if you aren't following me I'm PrettyConfused)

Easy Ways To Save Time: I'm a master procastinator, so I love Elsie and Emma's post about using your time the best way possible, and still having a life.

Hey People Who Give People Shit For Reading Shit, Stop: An oldie but a goodie from Meg about why we shouldn't judge anyone for what they read, or don't read (via Delightfully Tacky)