What I've Done: August 2012

Saturday, September 01, 2012

  • A birthday camping trip for one of my friends
  • A faux holiday out in Gorebridge (photos still to come)
  • Signing the lease for our new home
  • Our day out to Portobello
  • Watching the little guy above sunning himself behind my parent's house - I love foxes!
  • Lots of walking round my lovely city (again, photos still to come)
  • My birthday, and my shiny new sewing machine!

The French and I finally finished watching Stargate SG1, such a great series! I also finally got round to doing some reading, I finished Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride earlier this week and I'm looking forward to getting some more reading done this autumn. I can never concentrate on books when the weather is nice outside. I also starting watching Pushing Daisies after the French left. I've only seen a couple so far but I love it, I wish I had whoever dresses Chuck at my beck and call every morning. 

Looking Forward To

We pick up the keys for our new place this evening and I am so ridiculously excited about moving in. Having a year's lease makes me so excited. As the French is away I'm going to be in charge of decorating all by myself, a first since we started living together, and I'm a nice mix of excited and nervous about being in charge. September also means the start of autumn, possibly my favourite season. I love all the colours and can't wait to pull out all my tights and coats. 

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  1. I love Pushing Daisies - and I love that Chuck's outfits repeat occasionally so it seems possible to look *that* stylish without needing a huge, big wardrobe.

  2. love the fox picture, good luck with your new place!

  3. Oh my gosh, I adore foxes! That's so cool that you have one. Good luck with your new home! :)
    xo Mandy


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