Monday, September 03, 2012

This cake would be perfect for Halloween
I love this colour combination from Susannah Bean, so pretty!

This card from SomeECards pretty much sums up how I feel about my dad.
This free printable is absolutely beautiful, and there are even more available here. 
I need this print in my kitchen, so true! 
Good advice for anyone.

I love these colours and fonts, so pretty!
I'm so excited Richard Ayoade is making films, but to me he will always be Moss. This poster just reminds me how awesome The IT Crowd was. Now I just need to work out where it came from...

I love this quote from Yoko Ono
And this one from David Bowie
 This story about a free shop for the homeless in Edinburgh makes my heart happy.

This list of things to do when you're feeling down is a sure fire way to cheer yourself up

A quick reminder to look after yourself and don't be embarrassed ladies!

Somewhere in Edinburgh has already started putting their Christmas decorations up, eh, what?

Do you guys really think you can judge a man purely based on his first date shoes? The French should be glad I don't...

I love these photos from The Dainty Squid. I love cemeteries and Kaylah has really captured the atmosphere of this one.

Amber's blog story is fascinating, I'm thinking of writing my own version of this post, and I'd love to find out some more people's stories of how they got into blogging.

This story about Atos makes me so incredibly angry! Basically they decided who deserves disability benefits, pity they are terrible at their job. There have actually been a number of protests outside their offices since this article was published. 
The rain coat made from recycled materials is fantastic!

Anthropology's Edinburgh Story is absolutely stunning, so dreamy!

It's been circling the internet for ages, but I love this story about why dogs have a shorter life span than humans, it always makes me tear up and want to cuddle my own little monsters.
In unrelated news the new flat is absolutely fantastic! I'm so happy. The weekend was spent moving stuff in and then hiding last night as Scally was terrified by the festival fireworks. The cats arrive later today (eep) along with flatmate number 1, and hopefully we will be sorting out internet later this week. I'll take photos and all the jazz as soon as I can!

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  1. Such a fun list; totally checking many of these links. Also, glad your new place is great :)

  2. i like all these prints you found! and that cake is almost too cool to cut!


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