What I Wore: Bunnies & Brights

So we are all settled in our new home, and the internet has finally been connected! The flat is beyond beautiful, and we're finally getting everything squared away so hopefully I can share some snapshots of it soon. I've got a crazy busy day today, lots of people to meet, birthdays to celebrate and fun, so this is just going to be a quick post. 

I took these photos earlier this week, it's nearly a full outfit of Primark, which is terrible, but I love the way it all came together (especially with my new hair). I'm wearing Primark booties (£8), a Primark skirt (£5), Primark romper (£5) and the cardigan and belt are both thrifted. I love the pattern of this romper, the little bunnies are just so cute! Unfortunately in typical Primark fashion the collar on it isn't quite even, it isn't really noticeable except to me but I've been finding it really annoying. Might explain why it was a fiver...

Anyway, I'm running off to meet a friend off the train, have a great weekend guys!
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Kev & Amanda did this really useful tutorial on reverse image searches, useful both for finding out if people are using your photos, and working out where that pretty photo came from. 

Laura's pup Violet all curled up in bed is the cutest.

Tieka shared her favourite autumn outfits, so much inspiration!

While Nikki shares the things she dislikes about autumn.

I love Mandy's autumn bucket list, homemade apple cider sounds like a great way to say hello to the cold weather.

Tieka also posted about giving your photos an autumn look, so pretty!

Snapshots: George Street

Life continues to be crazy, busy, and unless I am round visiting my parents (like now) internet free. I've got to say I've found it much more difficult to get up and dressed in the morning without a quick dose of blog reading. Also a lot more difficult to decide what to wear. I always forget how many little things need to be done in order to get settled some place new. Figuring out where to take outfit photos, the best place to buy fruit and veg, the closest duck pond... And that doesn't even cover the stuff inside the house. It is fun discovering all these things though.

Now, I've got to run, five minutes online is all I get, I've got work to do, dogs to walk and a boyfriend who I have missed dearly to cuddle.


  •  I love Kater's Wearing The Book series and I'm so glad she's started again, her latest is inspired by a lovely old copy of The Great Gatsby.
  • I'm really tempted to join Elsie on her 4 Simple Goals challenge, I love the fact she has chosen action rather than result orientated things too.
  • Mandy at Miss Indie posted a new Honest To Blog about things she doesn't talk about. You guys all know I don't like photos of my friends and family on my blog, but I didn't realise how many bloggers have created their own guidelines, it's great to see how many people take blogging seriously, and to know what else people won't talk about.
  • Is it just me that thinks it is ridiculous that the new head of the NHS didn't want the part about the NHS included in the Olympics Opening Ceremony?
  • Better Blogger Network's post on letting your readers know what to expect made some great points, and makes me want to re-do my blog design again.
  • I just found Jes' list of 25 things fat people shouldn't do, and I am loving seeing her proving anyone who thinks weight holds you back wrong. Plus she looks really pretty in a mumu.
  • This post from Esme and the Laneway kind of makes me wish I was looking forward to spring too, then I remember that I love autumn colours and it's ok again.
  • I love Jul's new haircut, it looks so pretty!
  • I love these photos of Laura's house, so many inspiring little things

A Day In The Country

I'm going to miss summer, the smells, the feel of the sun on my legs, the long walks with the dogs. These photos are from way back at the start of August when we went out to visit a couple of friends who live right on the outskirts of Edinburgh. It was a wonderful weekend and I took so many photos to remember it. We've still no internet at the new place so if you've left comments or emailed me or anything I'm sorry it is taking me so long to get back to you. Hopefully we'll have it sorted in a couple of weeks and I won't have to keep visiting myt parents to get my blog fix!

Snapshots: Festival

Some more photos of my various wanderings around Edinburgh. As much as I like to complain about how busy the festival makes the city, I almost miss it. The people, the shows, the sun...  Or maybe I'm just upset because today is grey and windy, and I managed to forget to bring a coat out with me.

Snapshots: Flowery Neighboorhood

One of my favourite things about my new home is how pretty the neighbourhood is, there are so many lovely buildings, lovely gardens and stylish people. I haven't had much of a chance to explore yet, but I did have time to take a couple of photos of my street. I'm still in the process of unpacking and moving stuff around but I cannot wait to take some photos of our new room, and hopefully find somewhere nearby where I can take my outfit photos!


This cake would be perfect for Halloween
I love this colour combination from Susannah Bean, so pretty!

This card from SomeECards pretty much sums up how I feel about my dad.
This free printable is absolutely beautiful, and there are even more available here. 
I need this print in my kitchen, so true! 
Good advice for anyone.

I love these colours and fonts, so pretty!
I'm so excited Richard Ayoade is making films, but to me he will always be Moss. This poster just reminds me how awesome The IT Crowd was. Now I just need to work out where it came from...

I love this quote from Yoko Ono
And this one from David Bowie
 This story about a free shop for the homeless in Edinburgh makes my heart happy.

This list of things to do when you're feeling down is a sure fire way to cheer yourself up

A quick reminder to look after yourself and don't be embarrassed ladies!

Somewhere in Edinburgh has already started putting their Christmas decorations up, eh, what?

Do you guys really think you can judge a man purely based on his first date shoes? The French should be glad I don't...

I love these photos from The Dainty Squid. I love cemeteries and Kaylah has really captured the atmosphere of this one.

Amber's blog story is fascinating, I'm thinking of writing my own version of this post, and I'd love to find out some more people's stories of how they got into blogging.

This story about Atos makes me so incredibly angry! Basically they decided who deserves disability benefits, pity they are terrible at their job. There have actually been a number of protests outside their offices since this article was published. 
The rain coat made from recycled materials is fantastic!

Anthropology's Edinburgh Story is absolutely stunning, so dreamy!

It's been circling the internet for ages, but I love this story about why dogs have a shorter life span than humans, it always makes me tear up and want to cuddle my own little monsters.
In unrelated news the new flat is absolutely fantastic! I'm so happy. The weekend was spent moving stuff in and then hiding last night as Scally was terrified by the festival fireworks. The cats arrive later today (eep) along with flatmate number 1, and hopefully we will be sorting out internet later this week. I'll take photos and all the jazz as soon as I can!

What I've Done: August 2012

  • A birthday camping trip for one of my friends
  • A faux holiday out in Gorebridge (photos still to come)
  • Signing the lease for our new home
  • Our day out to Portobello
  • Watching the little guy above sunning himself behind my parent's house - I love foxes!
  • Lots of walking round my lovely city (again, photos still to come)
  • My birthday, and my shiny new sewing machine!

The French and I finally finished watching Stargate SG1, such a great series! I also finally got round to doing some reading, I finished Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride earlier this week and I'm looking forward to getting some more reading done this autumn. I can never concentrate on books when the weather is nice outside. I also starting watching Pushing Daisies after the French left. I've only seen a couple so far but I love it, I wish I had whoever dresses Chuck at my beck and call every morning. 

Looking Forward To

We pick up the keys for our new place this evening and I am so ridiculously excited about moving in. Having a year's lease makes me so excited. As the French is away I'm going to be in charge of decorating all by myself, a first since we started living together, and I'm a nice mix of excited and nervous about being in charge. September also means the start of autumn, possibly my favourite season. I love all the colours and can't wait to pull out all my tights and coats. 

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