What I Wore: Flowers and Dots

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

 Outfit Details: Thrifted Dress (£3), Cardigan from a clothes swap and all the accessories are Primark (shoes: £2, tights £1, hat 50p, belt £1)

I think I'm falling in love with these spotty tights. I've been wearing them with pretty much everything lately. Trying them out with different patterns, different colours, and they go with everything! It's a pity I bought them on sale in Primark nearly six months ago, I wish I had bought another ten pairs. (While beautiful the quality is pretty awful, I can't see them lasting till the end of September). The shoes and hat are from my super cheap trip to Primark last week, I took the ribbon off the hat because it was just a little bit too girly for me, I think I might add a navy ribbon at some point soon instead. 

I've had such a lazy weekend, it's been fantastic. Me and the French were both feeling really low on Saturday so we spent the entire day hiding out at a friend's house watching the last of Stargate SG1 and eating lots of ice cream and cheese cake. I think our current state of homelessness in beginning to reallly get us down. We're so lucky we have so many good friends willing to take us, and the two dogs, in but I will be so happy when we are in our own place, nicely settled. I just want to have my own bed, a nice wardrobe to hang up my clothes (they are still packed up at my parent's house) and maybe even somewhere I can have a bath. 

Today is going to involve lots more sorting of our stuff and then maybe a bath this evening. The French leaves again for work early tomorrow morning so it will just be me and the dogs sorting out the move this weekend. Hopefully by the time he get's back at the end of next week we'll be all settled in. And I'll have some more time to catch up on blogs, I've been pretty terrible at getting back to you all recently and for that I apologise. I hope you are all having lovely Wednesdays.

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  1. Cute dress :) Your hat is pretty awesome too!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  2. Loove your tights! So cute :)

  3. Lazy weekends are my favourite <3 nothing can beat a day dedicated to watching tv, eat delicious food and hang around with the people you love.
    Also, I agree with you on these tights: they look WONDERFUL! I didn't think florals and polka dots could go well together but now I know I was wrong :)

    Life is a romantic poem

  4. You look adorable, hun. :) The polka dot tights are super fun.

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. Love the pictures hun! Love the floral dress too xx

  6. Look at how cute you are! I hope you can find some more tights- I hate when I ruin a pair I really love!

  7. Love that polkadotted
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  8. love these photots, you look so pretty. Sorry to hear things are tough at the mo. Im sure everything will fall in place for you very soon. in the mean time enjoy lots of SG1 and ice cream! :D i could do with a few days of that myself ;)xxx

  9. Wonderful! I love how the dress matches your hair so well:) And once again, great shoes<3


  10. I'm in love with those tights too! So lovely! Your blog name is awesome too!

  11. I love your dress and the clashing prints! So pretty. x


  12. Those tights are adorable and they look nice with that pretty wee floral dress <3

    It's no fun when you don't have a space of your own, we had to live in a friends garage for months after our house was distroying in an earthquake, it sucked. Hope you get settled soom xo

  13. i don't know which part of this i like best. those tights are adorable and the shoes are fantastic! xx

  14. Fun outfit!

    xo Jennifer


  15. Such a cute outfit; really digging those tights!


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