The Feel of Sand Beneath Your Feet

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So, I finally managed to take some photos off my camera, and after an entire evening of cropping and fixing the colours I've got a pile ready for posts over the next few weeks. I love having lots of photos ready, it makes me feel so much more prepared, plus it *hopefully* means no more unintended blogging breaks. Although recently just having time to write something for inbetween photos has been difficult enough.

We're still house hunting, although at least we have some options now, forms are being sent off, we've got a final viewing tomorrow morning and then we're going to go stay up in Aberdeen for a couple of days to introduce the dogs to our new flatmate's cats (it could be an interesting experience). It's not all been bad busy though, we spent a night at Yellowcraigs beach, and a weekend in Midlothian with friends, and all these flat viewings have taken us to some interesting places in Edinburgh. 

These photos are from nearly 2 weeks ago after a viewing in Portobello, one of my favourite areas of the city. Unfortunately the flat was tiny, no where near enough space for all of us, but it gave us a chance to get the dogs down by the sea (a first for Mania) and the French was more than happy to take some photos for me while I frolicked in the water.

This is another summer sale dress, £7 from H&M and it is gorgeous. I love the fabric, the white collar and the cute little buttons on the sleeves. On my body shape though it really needs my trusty Primark belt. It's not the most summery outfit, but then this wasn't the most summery day, and I think it'll be great to mix with different tights and belts over autumn. 

I've got some more photos of the dogs in the water, but I didn't want to overwhelm you with photos of a grey sea so you've got them to look forward to later this week. I hope you're all having busy and productive weeks xo

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  1. yay!! I was at the beach today as well doing this! in my bright yellow wellies though haha

  2. Such a cute dress!

    xo Jennifer

  3. Great pictures! Good luck with the house hunt, I feel your pain!

  4. Nice! Makes me want to hit the beach :)

  5. You get such great bargains, I hope I find some when I am over there soon! Cant wait to got o H&M, Zara etc xx

  6. it's been ages since I've been to a beach (none to be seen in Ohio!) and these photos have me rightfully pining after are oh so lucky to have gotten to sink your feet in the sand of this beautiful beach! x

  7. I love these photos! That dress and bag are perfect! And I always love photos by the beach!


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