By The Seaside (& a Horrible Panic)

Friday, August 17, 2012

As promised, here are some photos of Mania's first trip to the beach. She was pretty nervous, and it took quite a lot to convince her to get in the water (I've never seen anyone or anything so afraid of waves before). Luckily Scalliwag didn't seem bothered at all and in no time at all they were both playing fetch in the water. Too cute.

It seems odd to be sharing these today, when we had our worst puppy moment so far earlier today. Let me share our little horror story. We were walking the dogs through the Meadows (a large park not far from the city centre and the friend's house we are currently staying at), Scalliwag was on the lead as she is in heat and damn do I not want to deal with puppies, no matter how cute they would be, while Mania went for a run around. We were just trying to get Mania back on the lead, no easy task, when she went tearing round the back of a building chasing some imaginary squirrel. The French took charge and went running after her while Scalli and I started along the road when suddenly I spot Mania standing in the middle of the road

The graces must have been smiling on us, because all the cars had just stopped for a red light, and a lovely woman with her son held Scalli for me while I went tearing into the middle of the road and dragged Mania back. I even managed to hold myself together long enough to thank the woman and put the Mania onto Scalli's lead as well then promptly sat down and burst into tears, which only got worse when the French appeared and started asking me what was wrong.

It seems like an over reaction, but honestly I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life. One of the reasons I am not a driver is I know how bad other drivers in Edinburgh are, and if it wasn't for that red light I have little doubt that we would be dealing with either a substantial vet bill, or a dead puppy. The problem is, now I have no idea what to do with her, she's reasonably well trained, and she has never gone anywhere near a road with me or the French since we started dating, but I am absolutely terrified to let her off the lead now.

Anyway, that's my panic for the day, Mania isn't any worse for wear, I'm still a little bit of a shaking mess but hopefully that'll calm down. And here's a lesson for all of you. Just because your dog is trained, doesn't mean it isn't stupid.
Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Ahhh, what a fright! I'd almost definitely have burst into tears, too. I'm so glad she's alright.

  2. oh no, I can see that must have been the scariest thing. Animals do stupid things with cars sometimes. Where I grew up was a super quiet road, there'd maybe be a car every couple of hours, but this cat we had would somehow panic when a car approached and start dashing across the road. There were so many close calls but there was nothing we could do to stop him doing it. He was eventually run over, poor thing, it was horrible. Sorry, total downer story!

  3. Oh dear you poor thing, just keep her on the lead from now on then you wont have to worry :) Have a great weekend xx

  4. Adventures With Cupcake20 October 2012 at 01:28

     I know this is abit far back, but i've just discovered your blog so going through your posts.
    I understand you're panic completely. My golden Retreiver Sam used to go wandering off all the time and we would find him either the last place he saw us or back at the car. One thundery day my mum had taken him a walk up the woods I had stayed at home, the rain to batter down and thunder started. A woman rang our door bell and asked if we lost our dog we said no, I looked out the door and there was a soaked Sam sitting there. The woman had said she was driving by and saw him trying to get in our gate. Turns out my mum had hid under a tree to hide from the rain, he must not have seen her and decided to take himself home! The miraculous thing is that he crossed the very very busy roundabout himself to get home and nothing happened to him. (sorry this was very long winded for when we've not spoken before)

  5. It's just so scary isn't it? I feel like I am constantly treading the line between letting them have fun and get the energy they need, and being a totally over protective dog mum. I can't believe Sam managed to get over a busy road without any accidents, he must be one lucky dog!  Thanks for the sweet comment, and for following along. I'm quite flattered you thought it was worth going through my older posts! You're blog is really cute too, I'm following but haven't had a chance to comment yet. Promise I'll get round to it later today. Anyway, thanks again xo


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