Monday, August 20, 2012

I love this easy DIY that Kaelah did with Photoshop, definitely something I want to try for our new home
I don't know if I love or hate this cake, either way it's a masterpiece
Summer makes me dream of an outdoor space where I can spend my evenings with friends like this one.
This might be the most lovely pillow, I want it for my new bedroom.
This illustration by Russian artist Heorhiy Narbut is beautiful.
Elsie and Emma posted two tasty looking recipes this week, these yummy looking marshmallows and a simple pesto recipe. 

For those of you moving out to college or university this year, here's 24 (mostly unhealthy) ways to make your food super tasty, although I'm not too sure about cheerios in soup.

I love that Bianca's cat carries a camera.

Summer always forces me to find new things to try with my hair, it's too hot otherwise. I love this simple updo from Scathingly Brilliant and these inspirational photos compiled by Oh So Lovely Vintage

Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky posted a delicious looking spicy firecracker shrimp recipe and

Rebecca is dreaming of a bedroom to make her own and seeing as we are signing a 12 month lease this week I'm kind of dreaming of the same thing. And she's looking lovely and summery too.

I love these free social media icons from Carrie Loves, I wish I'd found them a month ago.

I love this article about getting a puppy, so funny!

Etsy has finally added human bones and drugs to its banned list, I cannot believe this took so long. I always worried that some items on Etsy might have been stolen from archaeological sites, and I feel very strongly that human remains are sacred and deserve respect, not being sold online.

The Guardian looked at whether artists can make enough to live on, and the resounding answer seems to be no.

It's a bit icky, but I was fascinated to hear one of the best preserved prehistoric human brain's was recently found in Yorkshire.

I found this article about a woman's reaction to her 21 year old son's first tattoo, I think it's really sad that people still react this way to body art, I feel really strongly that your body is your own to take care of, to decorate, to use in whatever way you want.

Something else depressing I've found online this week, I've never heard of Pat Robertson before but I can safely say he is the worst Christian I've ever read. I believe those who adopt/foster deserve who utmost respect, and as a society we have a responsibility for all children, no matter 'what's been done to a child'.

And finally, something a little more positive, this stag party decided rather than getting drunk and lairy, they would re-do the garden of a local foster family. So wonderful.

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  1. Great links and... that cake? WOW!

  2. Oh my goodness that cake is kind of amazing! At first I was like what is up with that snake, haha!

  3. I saw that snake cake somewhere else- it's CRAZY! It looks so real :)

  4. OMG that cake is super freaky!!

  5. Great collection of links. Glad Etsy finally made that decision...jeez. And that cake is insane.


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