What I've Done: June 2012

Sunday, July 01, 2012

  • My trip up to Dundee
  • Sharing my bed with two lovely dogs
  • Some amazing thrifty (and not so thrifty) finds that I'll be sharing with you soon
  • Getting to unexpectedly spend three weeks with the French (I was expecting him to be away the whole summer)
  • Some very muddy walks
  • I had my most page views in a day this month. This might come across as a little exhibitionist, I don't blog for followers or page views, but it is really flattering to know that there are people out there who are interested in silly little snippets about my life. 
The French and I just got a very unexpected offer earlier this week. I don't want to post about it here until everything is absolutely set but we could be adding another member to our little family. I'm so excited!

I mentioned in my review of May that I felt really lucky I had spent so much time in the sun and seem to have cursed Scotland to one of the worst summers I have ever had. It has rained nearly every day for weeks now so I have reverted to my winter habits of reading lots of blogs, wrapping myself up for walks in the rain and once again watching far too much Stargate SG1. Fingers crossed July will be better.

New (To Me) Blogs
So I changed stuff round a bit again, while I really liked the black and white photos, when I put them together to make a page of my favourite blogs it was just so dark and dreary I couldn't take it. Colours photos definitely make a page easier to look at. I think I had forgotten how difficult it can be to put what I like about certain blogs into words, it was almost like trying to advertise them, very strange. You can click on the blog names to get through the everyone's sites. I hope you find something you like. 
I hope you are all having wonderful weekends and looking forward to the new month as much as I am. 

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