Friday, July 20, 2012

I've felt very odd the past week, I've been very easily distracted, and the changeable weather isn't helping either. Part of me feels bad that I haven't been blogging, I really want to be consistent with my posting, at the very least, but I didn't even manage to get this weeks Monday link list up. I don't like feeling guilty about not blogging though, while I appreciate everyone who comes by here, at the moment blogging is my hobby, and I think I need to remind myself of that when I get stressed out about not doing enough. Anyway, here's a quick update on what's been going on lately.

Me and the French are desperately trying to find somewhere to live next month, which in Edinburgh, starting the month of the festival, isn't easy (not to mention finding somewhere that allows a big dog like Mania). It's really exciting, as well as nerve wracking though, especially because he is away again and I don't like making big decisions like this for the both of us. 

I've spent far more than usual on clothes in the past month. I've been careful with my choices, and I definitely don't regret any of my purchases (especially because they were all under £5), but I've been thinking a lot about whether my spending habits have changed since I started blogging and I want to make more of an effort to only buy clothes when I need something, not just because it would look good in a blog post. Not that I didn't buy stuff because I thought it was cute,or pretty, or cheap before but it is definitely worse now. 

Tuppence is doing loads better, his glands have seems to have shrunk down to a much more normal size and he's his usual over excited, happy self. I'm trying quite hard not to let myself get too excited about it, but it's been a family joke that he just doesn't seem to get any older and I'd really like it to stay true for a little bit longer. 

I'm panicking a little bit about turning 25 next month. I know there isn't any reason to but I still have no idea what my end plan is, where exactly do I want to be in 5 years? 10? 20? I suppose I'll just have to see how things go, but my current lack of career plan is definitely freaking me out. 

And finally, because I'm British, and it's in my blood to talk about. What has been going on with the weather lately? I had to get changed three times because I got soaked though on Wednesday, and it's been so changeable lately I'm scared to take my camera out in case there is a sudden downpour. I'm hoping this predicted good weather is actually going to make an appearance soon, I miss taking photos of clothes and dogs. 

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  1. Glad to hear your animals are better :)
    I get the thing about feeling guilty for not blogging - when I get a bit lax I feel bad too, but I stress about everything under the sun and need to realise it is a hobby, and if I didn't have time to blog one day it's probably because I'm busy living life rather than writing about it - you might be the same!

    Agree with you about the weather, I don't think it has a clue what it's doing lately! 17 degrees and sunny this week then the next day we had a cats and dogs monsooon type downpour. Typical.

  2. we are putting our flat on the market soon and they way things are going at the mo is that buyers (in our case almost certainly first time buyers) will want to move im quickly, and the 3 month delay periods you used to be able to negotiate no longer exist, so we will probably need to rent for a while before we buy again. So your comment about renting scares me a little!But you (and we) will be fine!

    I'm back in Scotland for good next week, so the weather will change then. I've decided! ;-)

  3. Hey there cutie! I am so sorry you guys are still having dreadful weather over there...

    Also I completely understand what you mean about shopping. It tempts me all day every day and I know I don't need to be buying things!


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