Not Quite To Plan

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well after the lovely (if I do say so myself) outfit photos I published yesterday morning I last night to go out and take some photos of my moving day outfit. Let's just say they didn't go nearly as well (can't you tell from my expression in the first photo?). My little brother came with me on a quick walk with the dogs and damn was he distraction It took me fifteen minutes to work out that talking while taking photos is a bad idea Not a good look. And the of course Mania decided that 'hey, outfit posts are boring, I'm want to play instead!' and it all just fell apart. At least you can see my awesome romper. I got this in a charity shop months ago but never got round to photographing it, as with most of my clothes. I love this shade of blue, and the coloured spots are adorable. You can't tell in these photos but the buttons are little hearts. Too cute.
I've found it quite ironic that I posted about how I want my style to evolve only last week, yet in this post and in yesterdays I am definitely wearing clothes that I would describe as young, and maybe even a little cutesy. I suppose that is the wonder of personal style though, I'm free to change my mind day to day

Oh, and just to reassure you, in the flying dog photo I have not just thrown her into the air (according to my brother that is what this photo looks like) I was throwing leaves in the air for her to catch. I mean, c'mon guys, I wouldn't throw a dog, well not after my last laptop was destroyed by my good friend Mike accidently dropping Mania on it back when she was slightly smaller. I've learnt my lesson now. I nearly didn't share these because I didn't think they were 'blog quality', but I'm glad I am, it's a proper glimpse into my life.

Today I am looking forward to playing around with Photoshop and generally being a little lazy (I may even have a nap).Have a great day. 

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  1. Love the last pic hehe, def a cute wee romper! xx


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