Saturday, July 07, 2012

First off I want to thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday. I think I was still a little bit shell shocked when I wrote that post, but I'm feeling a lot more confident about the future today, particularly because the little man has been on top form all day. 

It fees like forever since I have been able to go out and take outfit photos, luckily yesterday was just grey and not wet so I took a quick trip out to the park in the afternoon and snapped these. I've been thinking a lot about what my clothes say about me recently. I'm turning 25 next month, and while I realise that is still very young, I'm starting to worry that my clothes make me come across as a lot younger. It isn't unusual for me to get asked for ID in pubs and clubs, and while I would love to think that is because of my dewy completion, or my girlish smile, I think a lot more of it has to do with how I dress. 

So, yesterday me and my newly brown (I'll explain about that accident in another post) hair decided it was time to see if I could look like a grown up. I borrowed this dress from a good friend a couple of months ago and hadn't worn it yet, despite being younger than me her style is a lot more 'grown-up', so something I borrowed from her wardrobe seemed like a good place to start. I figured I would go simple and just added some tights (totally necessary in a dress this short) and black cardigan and shoes and let me say, I felt hot. Like seriously hot. And grown up. 

Now, I don't want to change my style (for one there is no way I could afford to) but wearing this has made me think about how I am going to shop in the future. I don't get rid of clothes often, many of my dresses have been in my wardrobe for years. The things I buy now are what I will be wearing in one, two, maybe even five years time. Do I really want to be nearly thirty and still wearing ass skimming florals? No, not really. I have plenty of ass skimming florals, t-shirts that are falling apart and cheap primark trainers, I have enough of these things to last me the rest of my life. I don't want to change my style, but I do want to give it space to evolve, I want to buy things that I will continue to love long into the future, things that will last, things that I will not be embarrassed to wear in three years time. And more things that make me feel as awesome as this dress did. 
And just because I'm dressed like a grown-up doesn't mean that I can't still do funny jumping pictures, right?

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  1. Nice photos - I like how you've contrasted your outfits with the scenery! I feel your pain about the weather, though, even though I'm much further south in equally grey Peterborough. So frustrating! Did June even happen with all that rain or did it just think it was November or something, haha! I also know what it's like to get IDed when you're well into your 20s. Embrace it - it means you look younger than your years, and think, when you'e 30, you'll look 20, and when you're 40, you'll probably still look 30, tops!
    I'm a DIY fashion person, myself. My blog's called Chic Cheat and it's at http://chiccheat.co.uk if you fancy checking it out.

    Charley xo

  2. This is pretty! I like how your hair is the pop of color in the outfit! and hey, getting ID'd isnt such a bad thing. I'm just now turning 18, and I DON'T get ID'd half the time. It's funny.

    I love the 2nd photo that shows your movement!

    Much love.

  3. You look lovely! Nothing wrong with evolving style, you could just incorporate some "grown upness" in your outfits :) xx

  4. You look great! This dress does make you look a bit older ;) I still get asked for my ID too and most people think I'm 18 when they meet me, but I take it as a compliment. When we're 40 we are going to wish for these compliments!

    I just read your last post and I am so sorry about your dog. I have lost two dogs of my own and it is never easy...

    Btw, I like your new hair color!


  5. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous ;-)

  6. wow that is one schexy dress. You look fabulous in it! I often wonder the same thing about my cutsey peter pan collar dresses (especially since becoming a mum) am i dressing to young? But i like the dresses i buy so why not i guess? I totally agree with you though on going forward, i'm thinking of buying different more grown up shall we say, items as i have a wardrobe full of florals too and i really dont need another lol. but mixing between the two may be just the thing. Good luck with your new clothes venture hunxx


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