Thursday, July 05, 2012

The weather here lately has been horrendous, luckily I've had good friends, board games, puppies, lots of cups of tea and new dresses to cheer me up. Unfortunately it doesn't look like it is going to get better any time soon, there is a severe weather warning for Edinburgh until Saturday. I feel really sorry for people going up to T in the Park, but even more sorry for the French who is working up there. Fingers crossed the weather man got it wrong. 

Although it was really hard to see him leave again yesterday afternoon (I'm such a baby about goodbyes) I'm trying to think positive, I've got lots of blog related stuff to do, plus a bunch of new clothes I'm looking forward to styling underneath my rain coat. Happy Thursday guys and dolls. 

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  1. I only recognized one of those board games! Unless Cluedo is like Clue. At least you've had fun things to keep you busy... I'll try to send some sunshine your way!

  2. I used to play Mouse Trap for hours and hours and hours. Now trying to remember the sequence...boot kicks ball, into bucket, down stairs? Oh I cant remember, will have to dig it out :) xx

  3. loving all the old games...hope the weather gets better

  4. sorry to hear the weather has been so crappy :( but is good to have company to brighten up your day, your puppy is too cute!


  5. Just found your blog - loving it so far! Weather has been a bit mince lately I'll agree, I'm stuck in Aberdeen though - 4 days of fog this week blehhh.

    Cool to hear you're in Edinburgh and 24, I'm 24 and in Aberdeen though I'm from closer to you originally - Stirlingshire!

    Loving your hair by the way, I used to be a hair dye mad person too! x

  6. I hate how so few people play board games these days! I like mousetrap, but my favorite is monopoly!

  7. Hope the weather gets better for you hun, shame its bad weather in summer! xx


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