Autumn Colours In Summer

Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer has finally arrived, not only is it warm, but there was even a little bit of sun. I can't believe it. I even managed to go out for a quick walk for the dogs without a cardigan, it's a pity the ground was still wet from the night before. This is one of my bargain dresses from the earlier this month, I got it in Primark marked down from £20 to £5, am I becoming a little bit too thrifty - scouring the sales rack at Primark? Ah well, it's got me some beauties. I can't wait to wear this dress in autumn, I think it's made for it really, not that it hasn't had lots of wear already!

There's been lots of packing getting done lately, unfortunately I don't know where any of it is going to be going yet. Finger's crossed everything will get sorted soon and I can stop having mini panic sessions a couple of times a day. I don't think I deal with stressful situations too well, although at least I have gotten loads done, though not enough. Looks like I won't be having a relaxing weekend.

I've also spent far too many late nights catching up with all my favourite blogs and coming up with some new content for on here. I'm trying really hard to keep busy while the French is away, he lost his phone and I am so used to being able to call or text people whenever I think of them, it has been very odd not to be able to do it with the person I think of the most. I'm such a sap. At least I have lots to look forward to in August, somewhere new to live, lots of birthdays (including my own) and the Edinburgh Festival (before all the hubbub in the city centre begins to drive me mad at least). Hopefully the sun will stick around as well and everyone in the UK can actually get a little bit of a summer.

Have you guys got anything you are really looking forward to coming up? Or exciting plans for the weekend? I'm hoping to get some more packing/moving done, view a couple more flats and spend some time with friends. I can't wait. 

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  1. The dress I get the most compliments on was from the Primark bargain rail five years ago. :)

    Good luck with the home hunting! I'm working at an event tomorrow and entertaining the boyfriend's parents on Sunday, so roll on NEXT weekend when I'm looking forward to doing nothing!

  2. This dress has the prettiest colours! Fall is my fave dressing season: those colours look best with my ginger hair, haha. Also, I really wish we had a Primark nearby so I could score lovely retro dresses like this one :) I also wish I lived in edinburgh, since it's in one of my fave countries in the world, but I've never been there actually. I'll stop rambling now, haha. xo Nikki

  3. This dress is summer cute, Alice, and you are right! I can't wait to see what you do with it in the fall!

  4. This is really adorable look, dear~ I love the color and the way you styled up the whole outfit~!
    I saw your blog link at IFB forum for bloggers and found a lot of inspiring outfits and posts here in your blog~!,
    and I thought that it would be great to have so lovely girl among my followers and be your follower also~!
    Just join yours~!
    waiting for you in mine - hope we will be friends :)
    Nice blogging~!

    Olga / blogging from South Korea
    Giveway / Розыгрыш

  5. Another great bargain,lovely dress :) Im looking forward to my trip in about 33 sleeps to Uk and Europe!!! Eeek haha xx

  6. lovely bargain dress~! it always makes me love the item even more if it was a super bargain. and i totally see it with a nice warm cardi for a/w! xx


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