I love this print, some one please tell me where it is from!
JK Rowlings planned tree house for her Edinburgh home looks absolutely amazing! I can't believe she is building this for her children, such a cool mum!
I love this, and it's so true! (via Kaelah)
Admittedly I haven't touched glitter this week, but just because I'm into girly things doesn't mean I'm not strong, and tough, and pretty awesome.
Again, no idea where this is from, but its beautiful. 

Better Blogger Network posted some great writing prompts for when you can't think of what to blog about, I've already gotten start on a list of possibilities. 

Kate at Wake Up Lovely had some great posts this week about creating your own rules and some really important questions to ask yourself

Scotland is legalizing gay marriage (yes, I am excited enough to post about this again)

A Beautiful Mess posted 5 awesome ice cream recipes and did a budget edition of their sister style series. It's nice to see some outfits I could actually afford on such a big blog. 

Bianca at Goodnight Little Spoon posted some beautiful silhouettes she did for a course last year, I absolutely love how the body language of the figures can express so much (I think my favourite is Step Into My Office Baby). 

Eat More Bacon

I love Sundays, sleeping till 1, too much coffee and watching the New Girl, how could that not be perfect? I've been so stressed the past few weeks, constantly worrying, ignoring myself in exchange for panicking, so I've decided today to just let myself rest. I might have a bath, I might watch faaaar too much Grey's Anatomy (where the this post title came from), I may read some blogs, I may not, I may even dye my hair because, damn, am I bored on brown already. Until I make a decision though I am going to keep sitting at my parents kitchen table, drinking lots of coffee and deciding if I can be bothered walking along to Superdrug before I take the dogs for a run. I hope you are having as wonderful a day as I am.

Autumn Colours In Summer

Summer has finally arrived, not only is it warm, but there was even a little bit of sun. I can't believe it. I even managed to go out for a quick walk for the dogs without a cardigan, it's a pity the ground was still wet from the night before. This is one of my bargain dresses from the earlier this month, I got it in Primark marked down from £20 to £5, am I becoming a little bit too thrifty - scouring the sales rack at Primark? Ah well, it's got me some beauties. I can't wait to wear this dress in autumn, I think it's made for it really, not that it hasn't had lots of wear already!

There's been lots of packing getting done lately, unfortunately I don't know where any of it is going to be going yet. Finger's crossed everything will get sorted soon and I can stop having mini panic sessions a couple of times a day. I don't think I deal with stressful situations too well, although at least I have gotten loads done, though not enough. Looks like I won't be having a relaxing weekend.

I've also spent far too many late nights catching up with all my favourite blogs and coming up with some new content for on here. I'm trying really hard to keep busy while the French is away, he lost his phone and I am so used to being able to call or text people whenever I think of them, it has been very odd not to be able to do it with the person I think of the most. I'm such a sap. At least I have lots to look forward to in August, somewhere new to live, lots of birthdays (including my own) and the Edinburgh Festival (before all the hubbub in the city centre begins to drive me mad at least). Hopefully the sun will stick around as well and everyone in the UK can actually get a little bit of a summer.

Have you guys got anything you are really looking forward to coming up? Or exciting plans for the weekend? I'm hoping to get some more packing/moving done, view a couple more flats and spend some time with friends. I can't wait. 

A Moment Of National Pride

I'm not usually one for getting teary and emotional about my country, but I'm proud to be Scottish, and think I live in a pretty wonderfully inclusive country and our politicians proved that last night. It's going to take some time, and will probably cause all manners of issues, but Scotland is legalizing gay marriage

Ministers have confirmed that they will be putting through a bill on the issue and the first ceremonies could happen as early as 2015. Nicola Sturgeon, the Deputy First Minister, announced the decision yesterday saying. "We are committed to a Scotland that is fair and equal and this is why we intend to proceed with plans to allow same-sex marriages and religious ceremonies for civil partnerships. We believe that this is the right thing to do."

That final sentence makes me so happy. I honestly can't think of many other politicians who would happily make this announcement. The government has confirmed no religious institutions will be forced to perform these ceremonies, which is only fair, but I am so excited. Equal rights for everyone means so much for me, and the fact that my gay friends can now have the wedding of their dreams makes me so unbelievably happy. 

I'm so proud of my country today, I understand not everyone will be happy about the decision, and that is fine, but I am happy, and I am proud, and right now, I think my country is pretty freaking awesome. I can only hope this decision will encourage other countries to do the right thing. 
*I realise these photos are totally unrelated but they had to go somewhere...

Stay Safe

Something horrible happened near my house on Saturday night. I live in a nice city, in a relatively nice area, but that didn't stop a girl being attacked in the park where I walk my dogs, found by members of the public three hours after she left a group of friends in the city centre. There hasn't been much information, just a call for witnesses and the continuing presence of the police at the scene. And I am terrified.

This the park where I walk my dogs, the park that I nip through to visit friends, the park that I see happy children playing in daily. The man (or men) that did this is still out there, I can only hope that whoever it was is found quickly and brought to justice, but until then, and probably after, I will feel fear when I walk through that park.

Unfortunately I can't stop my life because something horrible happened, I still have to take the dogs on a last walk, I still have to walk along that street if I want to get home in the evening. The best I can do is protect myself the best I can, and keep as safe as possible when I am out at night. So, as a reminder to myself, and to everyone else, here's some good advice I've collected.

Here are some of, what I think, are some of the key points to remember, along with some useful hints. 

Lack of awareness: Always know where you are going, and what is going on around you. Never leave anywhere at night without knowing your exact route home, and always take the safest, shortest route possible. Be aware of your surroundings too, watch out for other people and vehicles. If I'm walking somewhere quiet or where I feel nervous I try and walk near a group with women in it. Although there are bad people out there most of them are still decent, and being near a group will hopefully put off any lone weirdos. 

Body language: Keep your head up, walk with purpose. When you're walking at night walk in the middle of the pavement and walk at a strong, steady pace. Keep your head up (this can also helps you be more aware of your surroundings!) and keep at least one hand out of your pockets. When I'm nervous I like to have my phone to hand so I can call the police if needs be, but keep one arm free so you can fight someone off if you need to.
I hate giving this piece of advice, because I hate the attitude that the way you dress affects your chances of getting attacked, but if you're planning on wearing an amazing pair of heels out for the night I would definitely suggest taking a pair of flats with you. I always try and wear shoes I would feel comfortable running in late at night, plus it saves your pretty shoes from pesky things like puddles and stepping on someone's discarded takeout. Other than that I don't really think how you dress affects your chances of getting attacked, I've had inappropriate men talk to me when I've been wearing short skirts back from a club and nipping out for a midnight snack in my jogging bottoms. 

Sheer bad luck: Sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but if someone is making you uncomfortable or nervous there are good and bad ways to deal with it. Remember there is no shame in letting someone know, forcefully if needed, that they are making you uncomfortable. This can be done in lots of ways, it can be as simple as crossing the street to avoid a group of rowdy guys, and can go as far as pushing someone away from you and yelling. Whatever you have to do, just remember to do it forcefully, telling someone quietly to leave you alone is nothing on loudly stating that they get lost (or whatever colourful language you want to use). If you aren't sure you have the guts to tell someone to go away then you can always carry a rape alarm, it has a similar affect.    

What you can carry to protect yourself: In the UK it is illegal to carry any type of weapon on your person, obviously that includes knives, but it also includes pepper spray, tasers or anything else that could be considered a dangerous to another person. You are however allowed to use anything that comes to hand, as long as you are aiming to defend yourself, not kill or maim. I know some people who like to have their hands on their keys, another who carries a fork (she lives in a very rough area) and another who carries ordinary pepper with a flip off lid to throw in an attackers face. If you're forced to use your own body for defence then it is much more effective to use your elbow than your fist.

Know the numbers: I've felt a lot safer since I programmed the numbers of all of Edinburgh's police stations into my phone. I was taught from an early age that 999 is only for emergencies, and in my 24 years I have only needed to call it once. Having a local police number means that if I am feeling uncomfortable in any way I have the ability to call and ask for assistance, whether that's just explaining what is making me uncomfortable, or asking if a police car can drive by. 

I know you guys are savvy, you're independent women who know how to look after yourself, but it can be easy to forget safety tips when you are chatting on your mobile with your best friend, or walking back after a drink too many. Sometimes it takes something horrible to remind of us things we already know. 

Stay safe out there. 


*seeing as I missed last week this link list might be a little bit longer than usual, don't say I didn't warn you.

This 1950's Green Gables dress off Etsy is absolutely beautiful. I love everything about it, such a pity is already sold.
This time Anne of Green Gables, I absolutely love this quote, and the design is absolutely adorable.
Katie looks absolutely adorable in a black dress and red shoes.
This illustration is perfect, I love the colours, and all the little details just come together perfectly. 
This Peanuts was inspired by a tweet. So funny.
This painting by Edgar Degas (I think) turned up on my Pinterest feed this week and it brought back all sorts of memories of the ballet studio I went to when I was young.
This DIY pallet bed is absolutely beautiful.
I can't find out where this print is from but it is absolutely wonderful. I was doing so well finding links for everything on my list this week but this one has totally stumped me.
I love Carrie's outfit, this dres looks beautiful on her.
These kitten mitts are absolutely beautiful. And even better you can make your own!
I desperately want to build my own teepee in my bedroom after seeing this photo
I love this hair colour, it's so vibrant, and such a contrast from the rest of the photo.
I love this bedroom, the walls are such a fantastic colour and the mix of fabrics is amazing.
I am in love with this map of Twin Peaks, such a cool idea

Sarah's tips on working with a designer should be set reading for anyone thinking of getting some design work done, and I have been addicted to Clients From Hell since reading this post. 

Beca talks about being a grown up versus playing a grown up

This wonderful story about how a couple dealt with their seven year old son announcing he is gay is so heartwarming. What wonderful parents. 

Kaelah posted about how to batch edit in Photoshop Elements, it was really useful and with  a little bit of tweaking I've been using it to make new badges for my blogs I love page in Photoshop CS3. 

A Police officer in the UK has been acquitted over the death of a member of the public during the G20 protests. One of my biggest disappointments about the UK is the lack of policing within the police, and the fact this man was acquitted despite medical evidence his actions caused Mr Tomlinson's death and a less than stellar record on the force is a tragedy. Check out the details here.
*I am aware that 99.9% of the police are perfectly nice guys I don't think your profession should protect you from punishment

Katie at Hems For Her posted a great piece on the Kate Upton scandal and loving your body for what it is.

Caitlin explains why her and her dog are the same person, and has me wondering what I have in common with my puppies. Also from Caitlin, operation pimp our patio, such a beautiful outdoor space!

Just to prove gorillas are awesome, these guys have managed to learn how to dismantle traps left by poachers.

Some stories from the BBC. You can now follow the movements of eight basking sharks off the coast of Scotland. If you aren't from the UK you might not know about the naked rambler, Stephen Gough earned his nickname after walking naked from Lands End to John O'Groats in 2003 and hasn't stopped. He was released from prison earlier this week, but his complete refusal to wear clothes means he was arrested again only a few hours later. I don't know why but his story always fascinates me in a strange way. 

If you need a little bit of TLC but don't have a lot of time check out this post, 55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you're busy busy busy (via Orchid Grey). 

I love these free photoshop actions from Maybe Mej and cannot wait to try them out. 

Making me feel a little bit better about my many failure DIYs, Emma posted about her failed glass vases project. 

And finally, Lauren over at Someone Like You has been having a rough couple of weeks so go give her a little bit of support. She is a lovely girl, with some lovely style and I wish all the best to her. 

Which Ones To Keep...

I've been thinking a lot about blog design recently, as my BlogLovin' reaches saturation point I'm being fussier and fussier about committing to reading another blog, and I have realised something. I am terrible for judging a blog based on its design, and my list of pet peeves is never ending. I really like to see people with individual but still easy to read/navigate blogs though, it just makes everything so much more pleasant, and can be a great way of finding out about someones personality. 

The problem is I don't really think my own layout represents who I am. I love the floral pattern in my header (it's one of many awesome ones from Animus) I don't think it reflects who I am, or what I blog about. I also really hate the buttons on the sidebar, they are nice and obvious, which is great but something about the font and the colours just looks far too hard. Again, not me. 

I'm no designer, in fact my only web design experience comes from what I have taught myself over the years (and that isn't much) but I really like the idea of coming up with something entirely myself. I'm also so indecisive I would feel horrible putting a designer through the experience. This means a lot of my inspiration for what is possible with blogger is coming from blogs on my reader. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing where I dip my toes in next, design wise, so I'm going to be spending the rest of today uploading a fancy new design. If you have any problems with the site this evening I'm really sorry, but if you come back tomorrow hopefully there will be something new and fancy for you guys to check out. 

Not Quite To Plan

Well after the lovely (if I do say so myself) outfit photos I published yesterday morning I last night to go out and take some photos of my moving day outfit. Let's just say they didn't go nearly as well (can't you tell from my expression in the first photo?). My little brother came with me on a quick walk with the dogs and damn was he distraction It took me fifteen minutes to work out that talking while taking photos is a bad idea Not a good look. And the of course Mania decided that 'hey, outfit posts are boring, I'm want to play instead!' and it all just fell apart. At least you can see my awesome romper. I got this in a charity shop months ago but never got round to photographing it, as with most of my clothes. I love this shade of blue, and the coloured spots are adorable. You can't tell in these photos but the buttons are little hearts. Too cute.
I've found it quite ironic that I posted about how I want my style to evolve only last week, yet in this post and in yesterdays I am definitely wearing clothes that I would describe as young, and maybe even a little cutesy. I suppose that is the wonder of personal style though, I'm free to change my mind day to day

Oh, and just to reassure you, in the flying dog photo I have not just thrown her into the air (according to my brother that is what this photo looks like) I was throwing leaves in the air for her to catch. I mean, c'mon guys, I wouldn't throw a dog, well not after my last laptop was destroyed by my good friend Mike accidently dropping Mania on it back when she was slightly smaller. I've learnt my lesson now. I nearly didn't share these because I didn't think they were 'blog quality', but I'm glad I am, it's a proper glimpse into my life.

Today I am looking forward to playing around with Photoshop and generally being a little lazy (I may even have a nap).Have a great day. 

Peachy Keen

Well, the stars aligned yesterday and not only did it not rain, but I also managed to take some outfit photos, and I'm actually incredibly pleased with them. I bought this dress in a sale at International a couple of weeks ago, it isn't usually a store I go into but I'm a sucker for buy one half price deals so I decided to go in and have a look. In the end I didn't actually buy anything else, but for £6 I think this is an amazing deal.

The enjoyable part of yesterday involved a long walk with the dogs (admittedly I didn't wear these white shoes for that part of the day) and going round to have dinner with my family. I used to be a little bit of a brat and hated that my parents insisted on sitting down at the table, with no tv, to have dinner each night. Now that so many of my dinner are eaten sitting at my laptop, or standing in the kitchen as my current flat doesn't have a dining table, I appreciate it much more. I'm looking forward to being able to sit down with the French at our own table and chatting about our day soon.

Today I've got a busy day moving some of my stuff back home, I want to make it as easy as possible when the French gets back to sort everything out which means a lot of my clothes are going into suitcases and plastic bags until we have somewhere permanent to put them. Hopefully I will get it all done early though and get to spend the rest of the day house hunting and maybe going down to the river with the dogs.

I hope you all have great weekends!


I've felt very odd the past week, I've been very easily distracted, and the changeable weather isn't helping either. Part of me feels bad that I haven't been blogging, I really want to be consistent with my posting, at the very least, but I didn't even manage to get this weeks Monday link list up. I don't like feeling guilty about not blogging though, while I appreciate everyone who comes by here, at the moment blogging is my hobby, and I think I need to remind myself of that when I get stressed out about not doing enough. Anyway, here's a quick update on what's been going on lately.

Me and the French are desperately trying to find somewhere to live next month, which in Edinburgh, starting the month of the festival, isn't easy (not to mention finding somewhere that allows a big dog like Mania). It's really exciting, as well as nerve wracking though, especially because he is away again and I don't like making big decisions like this for the both of us. 

I've spent far more than usual on clothes in the past month. I've been careful with my choices, and I definitely don't regret any of my purchases (especially because they were all under £5), but I've been thinking a lot about whether my spending habits have changed since I started blogging and I want to make more of an effort to only buy clothes when I need something, not just because it would look good in a blog post. Not that I didn't buy stuff because I thought it was cute,or pretty, or cheap before but it is definitely worse now. 

Tuppence is doing loads better, his glands have seems to have shrunk down to a much more normal size and he's his usual over excited, happy self. I'm trying quite hard not to let myself get too excited about it, but it's been a family joke that he just doesn't seem to get any older and I'd really like it to stay true for a little bit longer. 

I'm panicking a little bit about turning 25 next month. I know there isn't any reason to but I still have no idea what my end plan is, where exactly do I want to be in 5 years? 10? 20? I suppose I'll just have to see how things go, but my current lack of career plan is definitely freaking me out. 

And finally, because I'm British, and it's in my blood to talk about. What has been going on with the weather lately? I had to get changed three times because I got soaked though on Wednesday, and it's been so changeable lately I'm scared to take my camera out in case there is a sudden downpour. I'm hoping this predicted good weather is actually going to make an appearance soon, I miss taking photos of clothes and dogs. 


Just a quick few photos from my recent walks today, the French got back this morning so we are planning on spending the day cuddling and being painfully cute. I'm so lucky I have a man that puts up with me. 

These are just some photos from some recent walks with the dogs, the rain has been letting of slightly so I've been able to take my camera outside again. I almost forgot that this is summer, but even with the horrible weather everything is growing and vibrant. Now we just need some sunshine. 


This design by Ruby Taylor is absolutely gorgeous, in fact all her work is beautiful. I definitely suggest checking it out.
I love this quote from Henry Ford, and I wish I knew where this image came from. I think I need to print this out and keep a copy in my purse for bad days.  
Taylor Swift is one of my guilty pleasures, and I think she is a great example of a celebrity that really acts like a role model for kids. This quote is the perfect example.
These owls are absolutely beautiful, I'm kicking myself that I can't find out who created this.
I need to keep this in mind, I've been overwhelmed the past few dys, but tonight I'm going to curl up with a comedy and then sleep for as long as possible.
 This website is basically design porn, I think I went through about fifty pages when I found it. So many beautiful and inspiring things.

Pugly Pixel did a guest post over at A Beautiful Mess this week with some great blog layout tips.

Font Inspiration has a pretty self explanatory name, but it's definitely worth a look if you are in the market for some beautiful fonts.

Payton spoke about the transitory nature of the world today and rejoices in the fact that if her computer dies she won't lose her favourite books and music. It makes me wonder what I would do if my hard drive died, and all the photos I would lose.

Franca talks about whether clothing challenges actually encourage people to be more sustainable, or do they simply mean buying more accessories and having to use the washing machine daily. 

I love the idea of converting unused buildings into community centres, so this Walmart turned library is just perfect in my eyes. 

Katie from Hems For Her posted about her experience shopping for a bra and reminds us all to go get measured, something I plan to do this week. 

Happy Monday everyone!