Things I'm Afraid To Tell You

Saturday, June 02, 2012

After my little break I am a little bit behind in the blog world, but I decided I really wanted to jump on the bandwagon of 'Things I Am Afraid To Tell You'. In case you didn't know the whole thing was started by Jess of Make Under My Life, who wrote this post. After that it was picked up by Ez at Creature Comforts then basically the whole thing went wild. 

I think everyone has had one of those days when they look through the blogs on their reader and suddenly feel like disheartened. The supposed lifestyles of these bloggers suddenly seems so unobtainable, you feel you will never be as pretty/stylish/creative/productive (delete those that don't apply) as these amazing internet women. 

The thing is though, no of us is entirely honest on our blogs. When I think about the impression I give of my life on my blog it only encompasses a tiny number of the things that make me me. So, in the spirit of sharing, and letting you guys in a little here are (some) of the things I didn't think I would ever share with you on my blog. 

  • I am freaked out by make-up blogs. I don't like seeing close-ups of your mouth and eyes, there is just something about it that puts me off a little, no idea why. 
  • I read GOMI. I don't have an account so I don't comment on either the posts or the forums (which can get pretty mean) but doing it reminds me to keep my head when I'm blogging, and to always be me. 
  • I refuse to ride a bike. In fact, I'm not even sure I can ride a bike anymore. The last time I got on one I was about 11 and went over the handlebars, now I have no interest in ever trying again.
  • I also can't drive. I've lived in a city with a, not fantastic but not terrible, bus service all my life so I have never really felt the need to learn how to drive. The past couple of years I have been thinking about finally giving in and learning, I want to move out into the sticks with the French so we've got more space for Mania but honestly I just wouldn't trust myself behind the wheel of something that could kill us all. 
  • I frequently feel like I can't quite handle life. I'm not sure if that sounds a bit pathetic or so painfully obvious it isn't worth mentioning but so many things have happened to me recently that I kind of feel like I'm heading towards a full blown melt down. 
  • I have no idea how I am going to juggle being in a relationship, working and blogging. I got so used to studying and having all my free time to myself and then I took a massive break (sorry blog!) so I've got no idea how I am going to manage this new part of my life. 
  • I'm already embarassed by some of my early blog posts. What was I thinking? 
  • It hasn't been that long, so this is kind of understandable, but I cry at least once every two to three days thinking about Bertie. 
  • I can't really remember what my natural hair colour is, I think it is a kind of mousy blonde, but I've not seen it other than at my roots for over ten years so for all I know I could be completely grey by now. 
  • I'm never going to be one of those super productive people, I could spend all my spare time coming up with awesome DIYs, or writing seven blog posts a week, and sometimes that is what I want to do, but other times I want my time to be be just that, my time off, where I can sit in bed with a puppy and my laptop and relax. 
  • I'm a smoker, I started young and yes, I regret it, and yes, one day I will quit. 
I know a lot of people have already done posts like this, so if you have one up I would love it if you left me a link in the comments. I'm super nosey (should I have put that on the list as well?) and would love to learn more about you all. I hope you still like me after telling you all these (not so) embarrassing things. 

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  1. I can't drive and haven't ridden a bike since I was a kid, either. I'm also a bit unsure what my natural hair colour is - I mean, I can see from photos it's mousy brown, but I haven't actually *seen* it for so long I think of myself as a redhead.

  2. I love these, I feel like you really get to know the blogger for the real life person they are. I say go for it on the driving, you wont regret it. And life meltdowns,can I do this? Im with you.i hate when I have those periods of time but I just always tell myself "it'll pass" everything always does. And yesin a crier. No reason here I just cry tears of happiness, sad or angry. I think its my emotions leaking out LOL xx

  3. Oh Im so the opposite to you on alot of these, I frequently bike to work and I got my licence as soon as I could haha I also dont smoke BUT I feel ya on the meldown, I sometimes feel the same and also in terms of juggling stuff...perhaps setting yourself a goal or time aside to do a post every how ever many days and dont beat yourself up if you dont get to it- life gets in the way sometimes and thats completely understandable! xx

  4. How refreshingly honest.
    I'm a secret smoker too (shh, don't tell my Nanna)
    I bloody loves your blog I do.

    Rachel x

  5. I know what you mean, I see so many amazing blogs and amazing woman and then I look at mine and sigh haha I miss real honesty it's refreshing! XxElly@

  6. I'll admit. I read GOMI too. It's like a car accident I can't look away from. Plus, I want to make sure they don't ever talk about me!


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