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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Scotland's weather in summer is practically schizophrenic, I leave the house to gorgeous sunshine and by the time I arrive where I want to go it is pouring down. I took these last week, and ended up having to change only two hours later when they temperature dropped. Ah well, some more weather is infinitely better than no warm weather. 

For a long time I refused to wear a dress without tights. My legs have never been my best feature and I liked to hide them underneath some slimming, black M&S tights. So far this has worked quite well for me, I mean, I live in Scotland so it is very rarely necessary for me to go sans tights anyway, but I'm trying not to let my personal hang-ups effect my comfort any more. 

I know, we all love beautiful clothes, but if they are uncomfortable what is the point? Well, I decided the same should apply to my body image. On this particular day tights would have made me uncomfortable, so they had to go. So what if I don't like my legs? And so what if they are very nearly as white as milk? I felt comfortable in this outfit, and that is the most important thing. 

I'm planning a long walk with the puppy this afternoon to celebrate the final day of the long weekend, then maybe popping over for dinner with my family. Now I just need to work out what I should be wearing....

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  1. You look very cute!And I love what you say about when something just isn't comfortable- whether it be clothes or a personal hang-up, you've just got to let it go. I hate my stomach- I wish old-fashioned girdles were still is, so I wear a lot of Spanx and body slimmers, but now that it's summer... Well, it's HOT! And I don't want to be miserable. My tummy is just going to be jiggly :)

  2. Oh my goodness, yup our weather has been so up and down!! And how I love your shirt dress - it's perfect with the belt & flats. Love!! xo

  3. This dress looks lovely on you and your legs look great! I completely empathise with your hang-up though. My legs are a little like Vampire legs that rarely see the light of day! They'd seriously put Casper to shame. But keeping them under wraps isn't going to make them any less white so under the duress of heat I'll bare them but I'll always be a tights girl at heart! Enjoy your evening :) PS: Really loving the new softer editing of your pics!

  4. You go Alice! You look stunning!Haha, I am paler than snow white myself! I hate it, but that never kept me from wearing skirts or dresses, eventhough I also have bit of X-legs, haha. Enough about me. I always ramble to much about myself! Hope you can expand your comfortzone even more in the futer :) Have a great day! x

  5. You look lovely hun! Our weather is spastic here to it was really warm (for winter) on Monday and today its snowing like a mofo!xx

  6. Hey. Love the blog post. You look amazing. I love your hair. Come and check out my blog and fooollllllooooooowwww!


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