Really, More Puppy Talk...?

Friday, June 01, 2012

It's just me and Mania for the next wee while and lets just say we haven't really adjusted yet. She is still pacing round the flat trying to discover where the French is hiding, and is highly unhappy that he cannot be found. I on the other hand am panicking about being in charge of a massive puppy who (i) won't quite behave as well for me as she will for her owner and (ii) working out how I am going to have any kind of life (or even go food shopping) with a dog who has attached herself to me like a leech. I ran out to get some stuff from the shop round the corner last night and came back to her whining rather pathetically. 

I'm pretty lucky that I am currently able to do nearly everything I do from home, in fact I'm pretty lucky in general to be in this position. Having responsibility for something I know my boyfriend cares so much about is a little but scary though. I'm just praying that we don't have any veterinary emergencies or anything else while he is away (which looks like it might be most of the summer). 

There are bonuses as well, I stayed up far too late last night trying to think of little changes I can make to my blog design, working on a new page for the blogs I read and generally just coming up with some new content while I have the chance, but I am still missing him terribly. I guess the only solution is to keep myself as busy as possible. 

This photo was taken last week when we had the absolutely amazing weather every British blogger can't stop talking about. I think it really is a typically British thing that when we can't think of anything to say we always talk about what the weather is doing. Luckily today seems to be quite nice so far (it was disgustingly windy and rainy yesterday so this is a definite improvement), so I am going to take a long walk with the little monster and hopefully convince my mum to watch her while I pick up some essentials. 

If you guys have any puppy related advice I would sure appreciate it. I'd really like to not worry about letting her off the lead and keep her as happy as possible while it is just the two of us. 

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  1. Lovely dress! I cant give you any advice unfortunately - still waiting for the day when I can get a puppy of my own! xx


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