Rainy/Lazy Days

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Thanks so much to all of your for your sweet comments both on my 100th post and the collection of blogs I shared yesterday. The French is away for work again, he left early yesterday morning, and while it was lovely to see him for a couple of days, I found it even more difficult to say goodbye this time. To cheer me up one of my best friends has come down to visit for a couple of days so we are planning long walks, staying up too late watching crappy tv and maybe a bottle of wine (or two). 

This is such a lazy outfit, I actually feel kind of sad sharing it with out all. Is there a rule against style bloggers sharing outfits which involve jeggings? Because I am thinking there should be... and I should be pulled up for posting this monstrosity. The jeggings, shirt and bag are all swapped with people I know, and the t-shirt and trainers are from Primark. I haven't had Tups on the blog for quite a while, so I thought it would be nice if he made an appearance. Tups lives with my parents, but I try and make sure to go over and visit him at least a couple of times a week, he's an absolute sweetie, and in amazing shape for a dog of about 20 years. He's also dealing really well with being the only dog in the house now, I'm so proud of him.

I'm hoping the sun is going to peak its way out so I can go sit in the grass this afternoon and have a wee drink, unfortunately it is looking depressingly grey at the moment. I suppose you get used to it when you live in Scotland, though, I'll probably end up sitting in my waterproofs. I hope you are all having great weekends (hopefully with some better weather than me!)

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  1. No rules against jeggings, thank goodness! I live in them in the winter! And I have to say I am jealous of the all-over purple hair. I hair a couple of peek-a-boos in the back, and every time I see them I wish I could have a head full of purple!

  2. Nothing wrong with a simple, casual outfit and jeggings are super comfy...Im wearing some right now in fact haha xx

  3. Nice casual outfit, noone can be dressed up all the time.

  4. I love this outfit, jeggings and all. And Im pretty much in love with your hair, so cute!


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