New (To Me) Blogs pt4

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I cannot believe that is has taken me nearly the whole month to share all the blogs I found while I was on my break. Truly crazy. It's pretty lucky I had this post though, my cold is still running rampant so all my free time has become curl up with the dogs and do nothing time. Then again, I haven't exactly missed much, the weather here has been dull, grey and rainy pretty consistently all week. 

So, here it is, my final group of New (To Me) Blogs, you can look back over the other blogs I have found by clicking here, and I will have a slightly smaller collection coming up in my monthly review for June. I'm also going to update my favourite blogs page on the side, so all the new lovely ladies I have found will be included too. I hope you find something you like! 

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