Grey Skies

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with Dundee, I honestly don't think I would ever go there if it wasn't for the fact a few of my dearest friends call it home. I got to see a whole different side to it this time though, I had never bothered to explore the city before and despite the grey weather (you wouldn't believe it is summer would you?) I found some bits and pieces that I thought were really beautiful. Here's just a couple of my photos from over the weekend. 

The French got back from work a little earlier than I was expecting so we spent the majority of the weekend and the past few days just enjoying one another's company. He leaves again in just under two weeks so we are trying to have as much fun as possible before then. If I'm not as visible online over the next week or so that will be why. 

Oh, and you possibly wouldn't guess it from this photo but the dog next to Mania is actually her aunt Scalliwag! They've got very different faces (Mania's mum is a Siberian Husky) but you can kind of tell if you look at their coats. They are too cute together. 

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  1. Lovely photos, Alice! One day I will make it over to England! Oh, and the dogs are such cuties :)


  2. Great photographs! I loved getting to see Dundee from your perspective!

  3. I've only ever passed through Dundee and never stopped off long enough to get a proper look at it but I had heard murmerings of similar love/hate sentiments amongst Scottish friends. It certainly looks really pretty in these photos and has won me over :) Have a lovely time with your boyfriend!

  4. WOW. You make me want to go on an adventure this very second. This is amazing. It looks sooo pretty and relaxing. I'm so jealous!

  5. Hey hun great pics, woudl love to visit Scotland one day! Thanks for your lovely comments I will definately miss him xx

  6. I'm going to Dundee next week! My grandfather lives there (well, Broughty Ferry). It's got some hideous bits but, hidden in amongst them, there are some gorgeous buildings. And the penguin statues? Wonderful.

    Great pictures. :)

  7. Well Dundee looks like a lovely city! Aww I love grey skies and most of all I love British weather :) I'm definitely sick of our average 35°C.
    Also, Mania and her aunt look so cute together :) I love dogs.

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