Monday, June 25, 2012

I love this print from Because It's Awesome. It was originally done for the Japanese relief efforts last year, but after discovering it on Pinterest this week I really want it. 
These old fashioned butter mints look absolutely lovely. Plus I love goodies without the baking. 
I'm totally obsessed Steotch, they do the coolest cross stitch I have ever seen. This one in particular makes me very happy. Be careful though, some of their designs are NSFW. 
I love this image
This graffiti on Kelburn Castle is absolutely amazing, it looks like it will be getting removed soon to protect the original stone though (they added a later of concrete for the artist to work on) so if you are in Scotland go see it while you can. You can check out a news story on it here.

  • Jen at A Little Bird Told Me spoke about a comment she received about being too old to wear disco pants and questioned if you can become too old to blog.  
  • RebelRousHer moved to her blog to wordpress with a lovely new layout and an amazing first outfit, I love that dress. 
  • SillyGrrl posted about what a general day is like when you work as a web designer from home. 
  • After seeing the amazing design at Steotch I was so excited to find a website that converts images to cross stitch patterns. I used to love doing cross stitch when I was younger and would love to start doing it again. (via Regretsy)
  • Rachele at The Nearsighted Owl posted about the word fat and her attempts to embrace it and use it without negative connotations. 
  • I love the idea of using a natural deodorant but so many store bought ones are disappointing. I'd love to try this recipe, plus it sounds like it would smell lovely. 
  • Breanne at Flattery posted about her style evolution and got me thinking about doing one of my own (I suspect it would be far more embarrassing that hers was though). 

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  1. Love that quote on the bottle cap :)

  2. Butter mints? Yes! I love those babies, so I will definitely be checking that out. And that castle grafitti is amazing. I understand why they want to protect the original masonry. But it's so beautiful and vibrant, that's a shame! I love the eye on the turret!

  3. That cross-stitch is adorable. I used to have one that was similar - goodness, do I wish I would have held onto it. Butter mints...oh yeah! Haven't had those yummy little things in ages!

  4. I'm such a big fan of graffiti art! That is so beautiful, I think there should be more lovely art painted onto buildings. It gives such life and vibrancy to an area :)


  5. Love love love this post. So many pretty things!


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