Monday, June 11, 2012

I absolutely adore this card from Red Bubble, I wish I could find the designer name because the use of use of materials is wonderful
Kaylah's new hair colour is amazing. I love the contrast between the bright pink and more subtle aqua. 
This list of things to do when you are sad is amazing, I wish I could find the original source. 
I think this tutorial for fabric tape is amazing, so simple but such a lovely little touch for gifts or just your own use. 
I love this print from vol25 an excellent reminder, and the combination of the words and image are the perfect remedy to my rainy week. 

  • Pugly Pixel did a great post on accessing font variants, I cannot believe I didn't know that so many of my fonts have these additions. I've really enjoyed fiddling with them over the past week. 
  • I'm so pleased to hear that us personal style bloggers seem to actually be having an effect on fashions's visual culture. Hopefully as more and more people get into reading/writing blogs it will become more common place to see women of every size and shape working with clothing brands. 
  • I found an amazing guide to taking self portraits on Pinterest this week, although I'm sure some of it is useful, and I am all for trying out new poses but some of these really made me laugh. 
  • Kate had a great post up earlier this week on wasting time productively, it definitely made me re-evaluate what I actually consider to be time wasters, versus things I genuinely enjoy. 
  • Although I am perfectly happy with my fringe at the moment, I am definitely keeping a note of Orchid Grey's post on growing out your bangs without going crazy
  • Rachele at The Nearsighted Owl has started a new weekly link up promoting positive body image. Basically the idea is to post a full length photo of yourself with your dress size somewhere on it. I definitely want to take part in this, such a wonderful idea at promoting acceptance of all body sizes. 
  • The Edinburgh Fringe Festival released some of the show artwork this week, you can see all of it on their Pinterest. So pretty!
I've had the best weekend, I managed to snag a lift up to Dundee so I figured I may as well take the chance to get out of Edinburgh, and it has been great. I've just spent a couple of days hanging out with friends, done some late night baking and later today we're going to take a quick trip to the beach before I head home this evening. Hopefully I will have some photos to share with you later this week.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Pugly Pixel is awesome! I don't have PS so this tutorial wasn't of much use for me but I always get a lot of inspo from the site :) x

  2. Love these links, Kaylah's hair is beautiful! The list of things to do when you're sad is fantastic too, definitely think I need one of these! x

  3. Those self-portrait tips were as useful as they were hilarious...I particularly loved the ones using a chair as a prop :) Just discovered Pugly Pixel recently and absolutely love it...get giddy at all the different tips and tutorials that I can use for my blog..now just to find the time. Enjoy the rest of your time in Dundee!

  4. Thanks for this great list of links! I love the List with things to do when you are sad. So super nice.


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