Monday, June 04, 2012

I seriously need to get this sign! So cool.
More puppy related stuff, I absolutely adore this illustration by Sandra Dieckmann
I absolutely adore this print by Joojoo, beautiful illustration and such a wonderful message. 
I love this outfit worn by Bonnie at Flashes of Style, so cute!
Ok, this tutorial is meant to be for children, but I totally love the idea of trying it out myself. Super cute. 
I have no idea where this image originally came from but I had to share it, it's just wonderful. If you've spotted it anywhere with an original source please let me know. 

  • Wake Up, Lovely has been doing an amazing series of posts about blogging more honestly and keeping true to yourself. I've noticed a lot of bloggers who aren't feeling so enthusiastic about blogging anymore and if you are one of them you should definitely check it out. 
  • Speaking of authentic blogging, Franca posted about her own thoughts on being an authentic blogger and deciding how much to share earlier in the week. 
  • I mentioned my new Stargate obsession yesterday, but I got ridiculously fan girly when I found this Goa'uld English Dictionary
  • Chocolate Laced celebrated her first blog-versary!
  • Sarah did a great post on the things that make her proud to be her, and admits to some things that she isn't so good at too. I love her honesty. 
  • I was totally fascinated by the story of the man who spent 11 years walking round the world. I'm not too sure if I am impressed with what he has done, or if I feel sorry for his poor wife - I don't think I would put up with that!
  • I could have been one of those kids in that photo when I was a teenager, so I don't feel too bad laughing at this article about how the hot summer could wipe out the goth population. The things you do as a teenager, eh? 
  • I cannot believe blogs can get hi-jacked, this has to be every bloggers' worst nightmare!
  • I've always wondered how large companies can get away with such a narrow colour choice available to different skin tones, so it made me feel better to see some non-white centric uses of the word nude by large brands. 
Have a great Monday guys, especially those enjoying the long weekend.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post. I love the wolfy illustration!

  2. I love your Monday links list - was thinking of maybe borrowing the idea for my own blog if you don't mind :) Thanks for the links to some great posts and new blogs to help me while away this Bank Holiday Monday :)

  3. Thanks for all these great links! I have like ten windows open now reading these things. I love that JooJoo print too, so cute!

  4. Thank you!!!

    Wow, the blog hi-jacking is scary...

  5. These illustrations are gorgeous, lots of links to keep entertained xo


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