Monday, May 21, 2012

  • Elsie at A Beautiful Mess wrote an organisational post last week and showed off her amazing chalkboard kitchen cabinets, I absolutely love this idea and to make it even better Elsie has an old tutorial about making your own chalkboard paint. I am definitely doing this when I don't like in a horrible rented flat anymore. 
  • This article by The Huffington Post really interested me, I think every teenager should read it and remember that weird is awesome. 
  • Ok, we all know galaxy prints aren't going to disappearing for a while yet, which is why this tutorial to tie dye your shoes is amazing. Mine would never look this pretty, but it's no reason not to try it out sometime.
  • I'm not sure if I am amazed or disgusted by the idea of Unicorn Poop, they are just made out of sugar cookies but that doesn't make it any less weird. What do you guys think? Would you eat them?
  • If you read blogs and live in the UK then I would be very surprised if you haven't read at least three posts about the Wish magazine launch party. I think it is really inspiring that Carrie and Lucy have managed to turn their blogs into a paper baby, and it makes me wonder how other bloggers are going to turn their blogs into businesses in the future. 
  • Katie at Hems For Her discussed why she sometimes wishes she had started an anonymous blog, something I've thought about it the past and whether it would make my life easier. Then again no one I don't want to has discovered my blog yet, so I've been pretty lucky. 
  • Grrrfeisty did a really informative post about Photographing Your Pets, I think in the past week I have appreciated even more all the photos I have taken of Bertie over the years and it makes me even more keen to take as many photos of Tuppence and Mania (who I will be introducing you to in the next few days).
  • Jo from Lost in the Haze posted a DIY to make your own lip scrub and it looks amazing, although with all the honey in there I think it would be more likely I would just eat it rather than use it. 
  • The Headless Mannequin did a post on Creative Spaces which is making me desperate to get my own work space (rather than sitting on my bed to write my blog posts)
  • Elizabeth over at Delightfully Tacky posted a beautiful outfit and spoke about the rejuvinative qualities of visiting home and how we place value on people's accomplishments which is definitely worth a read.
  • Girl Does Geek posted yesterday about customising your top navigation menu with CSS, so useful!
  • I just discovered Everybody, Everywhere (what rock have I been living under?)
  • And finally... If you are a UK Blogger this is really important. Sarah Rooftops did a post reminding everyone that the EU's Cookie Laws come into effect in the UK this week. I'm not 100% sure on the details yet, but basically if you're site creates any cookies on a reader's device then you need to warn them about it, and possibly give the option to turn them off. You can find out more, and how to make sure your site is compliant, by checking out this useful article. I've not quite worked it all out myself, but it's definitely important. 

Elsie's Chakboard Paint
Tie-Dye Shoes
Carrie and Lucy celebrating the Wish launch
Elizabeth's lovely yellow dress

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  1. Thank you for the Link Love, Alice! You are awesome... but I'm not sure about the Unicorn Poop ;)

  2. Oooh, those tie dye galaxy shoes are so fabulous, love them!! And your links look fantastic, off to take a peek at them! xo

  3. tie-dye shoes! what fun!!! loving all of these images!
    xo TJ


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