I'll Just Keep It To Myself, In The Sun

Friday, May 25, 2012


Do any of you ever buy an item of clothing that is way out of your normal style and then panic about how to wear it? I picked up this skirt second hand about a year ago and it has taken me until now to find an outfit I am comfortable with involving it. I really wanted to try out the midi trend, and I have to admit I do really like the length but the pattern is just a little bit too old lady for me. I'm also completely shocked by the fact it claims to be a UK size 18 - that waistband must really stretch! 

As I mentioned in my last post the French is heading off for work as of this evening so we are cramming as much into our last hours together as possible. I've gotten so used to having him around all the time it is going to be quite a change to be on my own again. I even managed to convince him to take my outfit photos yesterday (and wowsa is it a lot easier having a real person behind there checking on photos!) so I am going to have to re-adjust a little bit. Luckily he is leaving Mania with me so I will still have someone to cuddle at night!

Anyway, I want to spend as little time as possible online today, cuddles in the sun and maybe some ice cream is more the order of the day. Ta-ta for now!
Top: New Look, Belt & Shoes: Primark, Skirt & Cardigan: Thrifted

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  1. cute!!!


  2. I'm new to trying out the midi-length too, this skirt is lovely on you x

  3. Your outfit is adorable and your hair simply ROCKS! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment! So nice to meet you, girl

  4. I've done that, buy something I wouldn't normally wear & then take a lifetime to actually wear it.
    I really like the skirt & how you've styled it xo

  5. Yes, I have clothes it takes me years to wear, too. And I pay NO attention to vintage size labels; actually I pay very little attention to size labels full stop - they don't reflect my actual shape. And I love this skirt.

  6. Your pink hair is so superb! I had pink hair my freshman year of high school for swim team and it was seriously SO much fun...still paying the consequences of it though *curse you damaged ends!*

  7. I do this all the flipping time! I have just recently bought the perfect shirt to go with a pair of shorts I bought about four years ago and haven't been able to find anything to go with since then!

    I really love this skirt on you though - it was definitely worth taking the risk! I love the addition of the belt, as I think this really makes it look more modern, and the mixture of blues makes your hair stand out so beautifully!

  8. Wow your hair is amazing!cute blog, hope you can check mine out :)


  9. beautiful outfit, love the combination of colors. I like the midi-length skirts on other people (like you, for example), but I think it wouldn't look so good on me so I don't think I will wear something like that soon :)


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