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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Three posts in one week? My productivity levels just went through the roof. 

I've been working really hard keeping myself busy for the past few days, every time I stop I feel like I move right back to the start of the grieving process and I simply can't afford to do that, and Bertie wouldn't have wanted me to either. 

I actually wore this last week, most of this weekend was spent in jeans and ratty t-shirts, and it is very strange to think that Bertie was here with me when these were being taken. It may seem like I am grieving excessively over a dog but he was also my companion for so many of my endeavours, everything has changed now that he is gone. 
On a slightly more frivolous note, I've recently got into wearing jeans again. I started blogging originally because I wanted to move away from being a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I felt like they made me look a lot younger than I am, but a blouse and nice shoes can make all the difference. I actually felt like a grown-up when I was wearing this, despite the newly purple hair. 
I absolutely love the mews houses that are dotted all over the city centre in Edinburgh, but I never thought of using them as a backdrop until I read Cait's (another Edinburgh girl) latest blog post. The cobbles certainly caused some problems with my trusty tripod but in the end I think they worked out really nicely. I can't wait to use this location again, the best thing about it was all the painted doors, although with the number of people who cut through them I might try and convince someone to come along next time and act as photographer (any takers?)

In case anyone is interested I am wearing far too much Primark. The jeans and the socks are the only items I bought (Primark has some lovely Winter socks and tights on sale at the moment in case you want to stock up like I did), the blouse I managed to get in a swap with a friend, the blazer is thrifted and the shoes (the only non-Primark item) are also swapped but seeing as the label has rubbed off I have no idea where they came from originally. 

Until next time, au revior! 

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  1. great top! love the flats too!

  2. love love the shoes...and love your purple hair. I totally wish I could pull something like that off! :-)


  3. I love your hair :) and I used to live in Edinburgh, so these cobbled streets just take me way back, miss that city so so much x


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