Is it just me or has this week been ridiculously fast? Ah well, as they say, c'est la vie. Just means it is time for another Monday Link List.

Bailey did a great tutorial for a scarf braided crown - can't wait till my hair is long enough to try.
This print is absolutely gorgeous
This cranberry and pomegranate sorbet looks like the perfect snack for this kind of weather (and there is also the option to add alcohol - yum! The French suggests kirsch, a German cherry liqueur) 

I love this quote, but unfortunately I can't find an original source for this image. If anyone recognizes it please let me know so I can link back!

  • Love Maegan has a great, and easy looking, DIY to add lace sleeves to a tank top. Perfect to keep the sun from burning your shoulders. 
  • Sarah at Silly Grrl posted about her escape from her 9-5, and has some suggestions if you also want to become self employed. 
  • Hello Giggles have breaking news; apparently celebrities are real people underneath their make-up. And they are still beautiful too! 
  • It might not seem the most important thing, in the grand scheme, but Sally's post reminds us that body image matters, and reminds us to try and feel happy in our own skin. 
  • I'm a sucker for any type of advice about blogging and this post has some great points (via Little Chief Honeybee)
  • Speaking of Little Chief Honeybee, it celebrated it's third birthday last week. Happy Blogiversary Kaelah! 
  • I'm an absolute sucker for engagement videos, and this has to be one of the cutest I have seen. I nearly cried the first time I watched it. So lovely. 
Have a great week!

I'll Just Keep It To Myself, In The Sun

Do any of you ever buy an item of clothing that is way out of your normal style and then panic about how to wear it? I picked up this skirt second hand about a year ago and it has taken me until now to find an outfit I am comfortable with involving it. I really wanted to try out the midi trend, and I have to admit I do really like the length but the pattern is just a little bit too old lady for me. I'm also completely shocked by the fact it claims to be a UK size 18 - that waistband must really stretch! 

As I mentioned in my last post the French is heading off for work as of this evening so we are cramming as much into our last hours together as possible. I've gotten so used to having him around all the time it is going to be quite a change to be on my own again. I even managed to convince him to take my outfit photos yesterday (and wowsa is it a lot easier having a real person behind there checking on photos!) so I am going to have to re-adjust a little bit. Luckily he is leaving Mania with me so I will still have someone to cuddle at night!

Anyway, I want to spend as little time as possible online today, cuddles in the sun and maybe some ice cream is more the order of the day. Ta-ta for now!
Top: New Look, Belt & Shoes: Primark, Skirt & Cardigan: Thrifted

Too Many Puppies

In case you haven't guessed, I'm a dog person. I absolutely love puppies, so becoming mama to another dog was definitely not a problem for me. Mania (pronounced Man-ya) is half husky and about ten months old. She is a little monster, but also absolutely lovely, and so affectionate! I'm going to be looking after for most of the summer while the French (well, he needed a nickname and this one works) is away working for the summer so I imagine she will be appearing on here quite often. 

Just a quick post today, I only have till the end of the week to hang out with the French so we are taking advantage of the fact my parents are away and having a faux holiday at their house. Having flatmates definitely works out well for our wallets but sometimes it is nice to have our own space. We're planning long walks with the puppies, cooking together, maybe a picnic and some late nights watching the X-Files. Such a perfect (and relaxing) couple of days. 

By the way, I have joined the Better Blogger Network, anyone can now join, and you can find my profile here

A (Brief) Love Story

08/08/2011: They met
24/10/2011: Their hands touched
26/10/2011: They kissed
06/01/2012: They knew

I have a policy about not putting photos of people I know up on my blog, that might seem a little strange but it is the least I can do to protect their privacy. In this case though, I thought this photo couldn't do any harm. I'm very lucky to be spending the majority of my time at the moment with someone I love very much, and I wanted to share that with you all. He's (obviously) aware of the fact I blog, but doesn't really want to be featured on it. This was our compromise.

On an unrelated note I've been having a bit of a problem with my blog feed and images, I think I've got it all sorted but if you notice anything amiss, or aren't getting updates in whatever blog reader you use please let me know. I hope you are all having great weeks. 


  • Elsie at A Beautiful Mess wrote an organisational post last week and showed off her amazing chalkboard kitchen cabinets, I absolutely love this idea and to make it even better Elsie has an old tutorial about making your own chalkboard paint. I am definitely doing this when I don't like in a horrible rented flat anymore. 
  • This article by The Huffington Post really interested me, I think every teenager should read it and remember that weird is awesome. 
  • Ok, we all know galaxy prints aren't going to disappearing for a while yet, which is why this tutorial to tie dye your shoes is amazing. Mine would never look this pretty, but it's no reason not to try it out sometime.
  • I'm not sure if I am amazed or disgusted by the idea of Unicorn Poop, they are just made out of sugar cookies but that doesn't make it any less weird. What do you guys think? Would you eat them?
  • If you read blogs and live in the UK then I would be very surprised if you haven't read at least three posts about the Wish magazine launch party. I think it is really inspiring that Carrie and Lucy have managed to turn their blogs into a paper baby, and it makes me wonder how other bloggers are going to turn their blogs into businesses in the future. 
  • Katie at Hems For Her discussed why she sometimes wishes she had started an anonymous blog, something I've thought about it the past and whether it would make my life easier. Then again no one I don't want to has discovered my blog yet, so I've been pretty lucky. 
  • Grrrfeisty did a really informative post about Photographing Your Pets, I think in the past week I have appreciated even more all the photos I have taken of Bertie over the years and it makes me even more keen to take as many photos of Tuppence and Mania (who I will be introducing you to in the next few days).
  • Jo from Lost in the Haze posted a DIY to make your own lip scrub and it looks amazing, although with all the honey in there I think it would be more likely I would just eat it rather than use it. 
  • The Headless Mannequin did a post on Creative Spaces which is making me desperate to get my own work space (rather than sitting on my bed to write my blog posts)
  • Elizabeth over at Delightfully Tacky posted a beautiful outfit and spoke about the rejuvinative qualities of visiting home and how we place value on people's accomplishments which is definitely worth a read.
  • Girl Does Geek posted yesterday about customising your top navigation menu with CSS, so useful!
  • I just discovered Everybody, Everywhere (what rock have I been living under?)
  • And finally... If you are a UK Blogger this is really important. Sarah Rooftops did a post reminding everyone that the EU's Cookie Laws come into effect in the UK this week. I'm not 100% sure on the details yet, but basically if you're site creates any cookies on a reader's device then you need to warn them about it, and possibly give the option to turn them off. You can find out more, and how to make sure your site is compliant, by checking out this useful article. I've not quite worked it all out myself, but it's definitely important. 

Elsie's Chakboard Paint
Tie-Dye Shoes
Carrie and Lucy celebrating the Wish launch
Elizabeth's lovely yellow dress

The Shy Start Of Summer

Flowers are a lovely gift, no matter what the occasion. 

I'm still trying to help my friends with their film project so I can't write much, I should really be doing something more supportive, but I had a spare couple of minutes I hope you are all having wonderful weekends, and the weather is as beautiful as it is here (pity I can't take advantage of it yet...)

The Wonders Of The Interweb

Today has been exciting for one big reason; I am finally able to update from home! Yes, that's right, after nearly seven months of having to go visit my parents or friends every time I need the internet we have finally got it installed in our flat. I'm so excited about being able to update here and read blogs from the comfort of my own home. After so long it feels like such a novelty. 

I'm really looking forward to this weekend, it's the 48 hour film festival in Edinburgh this weekend, and although I am not directly involved, a lot of my friends are coming back to the city in order to take part. I'm going to go out and spend the night with them tomorrow making endless cups of tea and feeding them all while they desperately try and write, shoot and edit their film in the time frame. It's going to be really exciting, and a nice distraction. 

I hope you all have great weekends!
Dress: New Look, Cardigan: Swapped, Boors and Belt: Primark

Away From The Sun

Three posts in one week? My productivity levels just went through the roof. 

I've been working really hard keeping myself busy for the past few days, every time I stop I feel like I move right back to the start of the grieving process and I simply can't afford to do that, and Bertie wouldn't have wanted me to either. 

I actually wore this last week, most of this weekend was spent in jeans and ratty t-shirts, and it is very strange to think that Bertie was here with me when these were being taken. It may seem like I am grieving excessively over a dog but he was also my companion for so many of my endeavours, everything has changed now that he is gone. 
On a slightly more frivolous note, I've recently got into wearing jeans again. I started blogging originally because I wanted to move away from being a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I felt like they made me look a lot younger than I am, but a blouse and nice shoes can make all the difference. I actually felt like a grown-up when I was wearing this, despite the newly purple hair. 
I absolutely love the mews houses that are dotted all over the city centre in Edinburgh, but I never thought of using them as a backdrop until I read Cait's (another Edinburgh girl) latest blog post. The cobbles certainly caused some problems with my trusty tripod but in the end I think they worked out really nicely. I can't wait to use this location again, the best thing about it was all the painted doors, although with the number of people who cut through them I might try and convince someone to come along next time and act as photographer (any takers?)

In case anyone is interested I am wearing far too much Primark. The jeans and the socks are the only items I bought (Primark has some lovely Winter socks and tights on sale at the moment in case you want to stock up like I did), the blouse I managed to get in a swap with a friend, the blazer is thrifted and the shoes (the only non-Primark item) are also swapped but seeing as the label has rubbed off I have no idea where they came from originally. 

Until next time, au revior! 

It's Been A Long Time...

Well, what to say? It's been a very long time I've been away from here, and so much has happened. The past six months have been such a mixed bag, tragedy, comedy, a romance and the challenge of living without internet access. There's been more but I'm sure I will catch you up on that in the near future. 

I've been really surprised about how much I have missed blogging, I don't journal or have a diary so I kind of feel like I haven't done much over the past wee while, after all I have so little to show for it, but I know that isn't true. I've also missed reading other blogs, although I've tried my best to keep up to date with every single one of you it doesn't quite feel the same just lurking on your sites, it's the community I miss, the comments, the weird quasi-friendships I was just starting to build up. 
So, for the very reason I am going to make a pledge. I pledge I will continue blogging, even if I have no internet and this year gets ever worse than it already is, I pledge to update my little corner of the internet at least once a week, and I pledge I will stop lurking and actually start building relationships with all my favourite bloggers again. 

I'm really hoping that we will have internet sorted out at our new place in the next week or so, but I haven't had any word from the provider we are hoping for so it could be longer. But I promise if you bear with me I will be back to my usual productive self in no time. 

I missed you all very much, and I'm so glad to be back. 


Dear Blog,

I'm sorry we have to meet again under these circumstances, I meant to get back to you earlier but life has just been so hectic recently I haven't had time to stop by and re-introduce myself. It's been a tough six months away from you, some of the worst days of my life have come and gone now and all through it you were here, silent, waiting for me to be able to tell my story again. 

I've missed checking up on you every day, I've missed sitting, questioning whether the things that I write make any sense. I wanted us to have a grand re-union, new layout, planned posts for the near future, but as always life does not turn out the way we planned. 

I lost Bertie on Friday. He was very ill, brain or spinal cord cancer according to the vet, and he couldn't even walk or lift his head anymore. I held him and stroked him in his final moments, trying to reassure him that everything would be okay. 

I don't know why I can't talk to anyone else about this, I suppose because every single time I cry so hard I can't get the words out. He's the only pet I've ever really had, the only one that was just mine. I got him when I was young, for my tenth birthday, and for fifteen years he was my closest friends, the only one who never judged me, who constantly encouraged me, who made me strong. I'm not sure how to be strong without him. I'd give anything for just one more day, one more time to hold him in my arms, to sleep next to him, to take him for his favourite walks, to smell his uniquely doggy smell. Every memory I have includes him in some small way, even parts of my parents house were built specifically with him in mind. 

My life has been slowly moving forwards over the past few months, much of it has been exciting; I fell in love, I moved home, I managed to survive (barely) without internet for six months. On the other hand I have also had to deal with more tragedy than at any other point in my life. Is this what it feels like to be a grown-up? If so I don't know if I am quite ready yet. 

Apologies for the long absence any remaining readers, it has been a tough six months, but I'm going to do my best to be more organised from now on. I've missed blogging so much, and I have missed all of you. I'm really looking forward to catching up with you all. 

I'll be back later in the week with a (hopefully) slightly more cheerful post.