Monday (Not So) Elevenses

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello again everyone!

I truly cannot believe that it has been over two weeks since I last updated. On one hand I feel slightly terrible, I've missed so much, both things to write about and reading other blogs, but on the other it has been kind of nice to have a little bit of time off. I specifically chose not to take many photos while I was away so for the first time in several months I was living purely for myself, no pressure to show off what I was doing, or do any photo editing etc.

I know I've missed the past two weeks of these (in fact I think I have missed quite a few of my regular posts at the end of last month and beginning of this one) but now I'm back, so here is a (slightly late) link lists.

  • Kaelah shows us how to wear florals going into Autumn (so pretty!) and discusses the next step of her honeybean dream here
  • Gabrielle from Scathingly Brilliant shoes off her beautiful illustrations for her 2012 calender and wow are they lovely. 
  • I found this article about decision making really inspiring, particularly seeing as I've been less than enthusiastic about my future recently. 
  • I love any DIY, but one that doesn't involve sewing. Perfect. Check out how to style a beautiful skirt here
  • College Fashion gives us a history of the trench coat, a beautiful Autumn statement piece. 
  • Lady Smaggle urges us to appreciate women more, something I think we all need reminded of every so often (myself included). 
  • Rosie at Everything Looks Rosie shows us her beautiful new brogues and discusses the history of these traditional Scottish shoe. 
  • Elsie at A Beautiful Mess has been on a roll recently, not only has she been teaching us how to make your own tea bags, but she also managed to make the best fishtail braid tutorial I've seen. Cannot wait to try these out! 
  • Amber Rose finally let us hear her singing and it is truly beautiful. 
  • Sian's Friday remix is yet another inspiring way of wearing florals throughout the year, absolutely beautiful. 
  • I absolutely love Jack Whitehall and his first appearance on Live At The Apollo made me laugh so much it hurt, you can check out most of it on YouTube here

Until next time,
Alice xo

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  1. Thank you! love the purple with your hair in the last post. so eye-catching! 

  2. Welcome back :) I've been a bit of a poor blogger too of late...just getting ready to move and can't really focus on much else but hopefully I'll be back into the swing of it soon. I love your elevenses's a great way to not only find new blogs but also find the creme de la creme of their posts!

  3. Hi Alice! Thanks so much for including me in your Elevenses post! I'm really flattered. I discovered your blog as a result :) as well as lots of others, great idea! 
    Rosie xx


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