Monday Elevenses

Monday, September 26, 2011

I cannot believe it is the start of the new week already. I've been so busy what with friends visiting, catching up editing photos, planning some changes to the blog and searching out some projects for when the weather gets bad. I think I kind of lost track of all the other things I should be doing and spent a bit too much time doing the things I enjoy. 

At least I've got lots of stuff to share with you guys this week, so I'll shut up and show you some of my favourite finds from the web this week, because everyone needs something pretty to look at on a Monday. 

  • Bonnie looks absolutely beautiful in her first Autumn outfit of the season, and is making me seriously consider  investing in a new hat. Isn't she lovely?
  • I've got so many old t-shirts that aren't even good enough for the local charity shop, now I just need to find a  hula-hoop and I can try out making my own version of this rug. Such a cool idea.  
  • Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid tells us one thing she'll miss about Summer here
  • Julie at J. Bird* posted about apple picking with her preschool class and managed to bring back some amazing memories of picking apples with my Gran before she died. Funny what you forget... 
  • There is an amazing sounding Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcake recipe over at Mandipity, need I say more?
  • Maybe not the best of the web this week, but I found this tutorial to make fabric flowers over at Simply Vintage Girl. So simple, but so pretty. 
  • I re-watched The Darjeeling Limited earlier this week and have had this Joe Dassin song stuck in my head since then. 
  • Gala Darling focuses on Autumn in this weeks Things I Love Thursday
  • I'm really looking forward to hearing more about Modest June's One Week To Better Blogging. Are any of you guys going to be involved?
  • I spotted some lovely prints while down in London at the V&A and I am so excited to see you can buy them online too! My favourites are here and here. I wish I could find out who did them. 
  • I'm totally in love with this look, Mitzi is really beautiful. 
  • I only just started reading Someone Like You but I'm crazy about it already, check out this amazing beehive tutorial
  • I'm always shocked by how many places serve green tea but obviously don't know how to serve it. Every member of staff at Costa and Starbucks should check out Moorea's post here 
  • I wish I had some outside space so I could try this out, by I Go By Katie.
  • And just one last how-to, I may not have children but even I want to try out Leaf Printing, this looks like an amazing way to spend an afternoon. 
I hope you all have amazing weeks! 

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  1. Oo lots of lovely links to have a wander through here! And on the caterpillar cake note, I'm pretty sure you can get mini ones from m+s - legendary! x

  2. I love these posts you do, great idea! Going to have a look at a few of them this evening xxx


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