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Friday, August 05, 2011

I once read one of those wonderful fashion rules, you know the kind, 'never wear black with brown or navy', or 'don't wear white after labour day', that said you should never wear yellow shoes. Naturally the reasons behind this was never explained, but I immediately felt I needed to get some yellow shoes. Luckily I spotted one of my close friends had a pair and after some negotiations she allowed me to borrow them. 

I'm still totally in love with this dress. I was lent it nearly 2 months ago now but I just can't bring myself to send it back. It is a little short on me (I'm practically a giant) but with decent tights its perfect for transitioning from day time to evening wear. Unfortunately I was absolutely boiling wearing it! It's made of denim so it is a little bit heavy for when the weather is good. Hopefully that means it will keep me warm in winter (if I manage to keep a hold of it that long!)

Dress: Primark (Swapped) Shoes: Primark (Swapped)

I spent the whole of last night working on my new design for when I swap the blog over to it's snazzy new .com address and I am so excited about it! It really feels like it is all coming together and I cannot wait to reveal it to you guys!

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  1. I think no yellow shoes is a bad rule, because they are so awesome. they will brighten up any day.

  2. Excited for your dot com :D I love this dress and these shoes on you, some rules are made for breaking!

    Maria xxx


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