Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm sure I am not the only one who has watched the recent news in the UK with trepidation and horror, what has been happening around the country is an indictment on both the current political situation and those involved. I spoke a couple of weeks ago about how blogging, particularly when it is about fashion, can seem unimportant, even petty, when there is so much else going on in the world, and I felt this once again over the past few days.

As I walked around my city, thanking the stars that the unrest in the south had not spread to us, I thought about how I could approach what had happened on my blog, should I dedicate an entire post to what has happened? Would any of you want read my opinions on why there is civil unrest? On the other hand should I completely ignore it? I write about my life and my personal style, when I work so hard trying to make my blog a positive place, do I really want write about something that has genuinely caused me sleepless nights?

I think there is still an assumption that because we write about fashion we must not be interested in the real world, or that we shouldn't let personal or public issues affect our writing. No one wants to read about me harping on about the news, if you did you wouldn't be here, but equally isn't there some level of social responsibility, or moral obligation, not to gloss over the sticky subjects?

So what is the limit? Is it okay for me to ignore issues in the news that don't affect me directly? Or is it to do with the severity of what has happened? How do I make these decisions? I don't have any answers, in fact as I write this I am getting increasingly more confused by it all, but I don't want to believe that, as one of my close friend's suggested, all we are interested in is reading about kittens and cups of tea, I believe my readers, and people interested in blogging in general, are deeper than that.

I apologise for the complete lack of structure in this post, it is far more a stream of consciousness than anything else, but after five drafts over the weekend I felt I just had to put up something. I'm sure many of you could have written something far more eloquent. I hope you have all had good weekends, and for those of you living in areas in England affected by the riots that you and your families have been safe.

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  1. This is a great post. I think many bloggers struggle with how to talk about these sensitive issues. You want to be upbeat, but sometimes a release is needed when you are affected by something like this. I think it is all about balance. Some readers come to blogs as a form of escape and dont want to hear about sad things. However, I feel as a blogging community we should care about what is going on in the lives of our fellow bloggers and if there is a bombing, rioting, etc. then we should gather around and support each other. I for one would like to hear your perspective on what is going on in England. It is such a horrible situation and here across the pond it hasnt really been explained why they are rioting or what started it. I hope this helps you and I hope they can get the rioting under control soon!!   <3

  2. Sirens-and-Bells15 August 2011 at 19:07

    Firstly, I'm glad you weren't affected the riots.
    This is a brilliant post, and the worry of whether or not to acknowledge the riots on your blog is something I worried about too. But, when I was reading other posts, those that didn't mention it at all, even those who lived in London, made me a little confused. Yes, we are beauty/fashion blogs etc who talk mainly postively, but it would be absurd to think we could let something massive go by unnoticed, especially as so many of us were affected by it, and not mentioning it made it seem like a massive elephant in the room I think. xx
    Sirens and Bells

  3. I guess anybody can never completely ignore what is happening outside the category of fashion, especially when it is as terrible as what's spreading in UK right now. And I think it's perfectly ok for fashion bloggers to talk about what concerns them. But you see, current news creates the current trend...not the fashion trend, but it eventually leads to fashion sometimes. In Japan, all the depression caused by the earthquake made blue a popular colour, instead of brighter colours like orange. 

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  5. It truly is horrible what is going on over there, I really feel for the people who are affected by it either directly or indirectly :( I love the pic of you looking out the window! xx

  6. oranges_and_apples17 August 2011 at 08:31

    I think it's great to talk about it, but i also think it's fine to not talk about it. I schedule all my posts at least a week in advance, so i'm not really an up to date blogger. I did consider changing one of the scheduled posts to write about it, but decided not to in the end. I didn't have any particular insight into why it happened, I don't think anyone does, but I do have some pretty strong views on what we should do now, and I do try to avoid overt politicalness on the blog, if not on twitter. anyway, I didnt really want this ending up sounding all defensive, what i'm saying is its just a personal decision how much you talk about these things. x

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