Jupiter Artland 3

Monday, August 08, 2011

This is the final (at last) set of photos from Jupiter Artland. I was hoping to have some festival style photos to show you all but unfortunately we had a severe weather warning in Edinburgh over the weekend and it rained for pretty much the entire two days. It was such a shame seeing as Sunday was the official start to the festival. 

Luckily the bad weather meant I could stay in and not feel guilty because I was missing anything. I ended up using my extra time to try and teach myself some basic CSS (which confused me horribly), spending time with my family and worrying desperately about Tuppence, who seems to be getting more and more ill. 

I can't write much today, I'm already running late with my things to do due to Tuppence having an appointment at the vets this morning, he's doing much better but it doesn't stop me making a complete fuss over him. I think when you get a pet you reserve the right to make a complete tit of yourself worrying about them. 

I'm off to get some coffee before I have to run out to the bookshop. I'm going to see 'Liberace: Live From Heaven' tonight which should be interesting, followed by dinner out (although on my budget it will probably be more burger and a pint than anything expensive). 

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  1. Too bad about the weather! The boyfrined and I wanted to come down to Edinburgh this summer but we couldn't find an affordable flight! Now we booked another destination, and suddenly we got a nice deaL I call that typical! I hope Tuppence gets better soon! Our dog is sick, she seems to have some kind of ear infection and she's beeing really quiet and sleepy lately...  x

    PS: thank you for your kind words on my last post. I deleted it, and just threw a new layout online. Hope my blog survives the changes ^^ x

  2. Theheadlessmannequinblog10 August 2011 at 01:31

    Hope your dog gets better soon. I'm hoping to take my first tentative steps into pet ownership with a cat...just have to somehow trick my boyfriend into thinking he actually likes cats first! Looking forward to seeing your new .com layout....how exciting :) Also, I find photoshop actions a fantastic way of navigating around my photoshop ignorance!


  3. I hope tuppence gets better, wish I had a pet to worry about.Any pet,I need one!!!!!! a goldfish, a rock, anything!!!!!!!

  4. A burger and a pint sounds good to me, have fun xxx

  5. cute sneakers!



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