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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last night I went to the Amnesty International 'Stand Up For Freedom' and I have to say, as expected, it was one of the funniest nights of the year so far. There was a fantastic line-up, including David O'Doherty, Mark Watson, Russell Kane and Michael Winslow, all of whom were absolutely hilarious. I think the night was totally stolen by the poor woman who had to do Sign Language for Michael Winslow's act though, she was so professional, but so hilarious. I've honestly never seen anything so amusing. 

I think I'm really lucky when it comes to seeing shows during the festival, I rarely go to lots, but what I do are always amazing. Last year I went to a different comedy gala that was being televised and somehow ended up in the front row. It was brilliantly funny. It also means whenever it is re-shown on BBC3 or Dave my Facebook wall suddenly fills with people wanting to check they aren't going crazy. My one moment of fame.

In typical Scottish fashion the weather has been pretty disappointing recently, I took these a couple of days ago and ended up having to run home because it started pissing it down. Luckily of the 20 photos I managed to take there were some okay ones. I don't know what I am going to do when it gets to winter, or even autumn, I am going to have to find some places with shelter, and good lighting, possibly an impossible task. 

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  1. I love this dress!!
    I just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my blog yesterday. I've been worried that I'd been too honest about my feelings on my blog, especially as Erick and his family and our friends have been known to read it, but I've always been very honest about my feelings before and I don't want to pretend this has been easy.
    I just wanted to say thank you for putting my mind at rest.

    Charlotte x

  2. Theheadlessmannequinblog18 August 2011 at 14:39

    What a pretty dress...I love the floral pattern. Really liked your last post about the rioting also...I think you captured the general confusion and inexplicableness of the whole thing really well. I was living in Manchester for a while and still visit regularly and it was so horrifying to see places I knew so well just reduced to smashed glass and rubble in mere hours. I'm really glad it seems to have subsided now though and hopefully even something small has been learned! Anyway, glad you're enjoying the festival. It must be lovely to have so much fun stuff going on on your doorstep!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! I just love your dress and the way you styled it is awesome :)


  4. Lovely outfit! I really like your style. And you hair!!! I'm so jealous of your hair color!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Ah, at least you can still wear a dress in the Scotland weather!

  6. You look fantastic, I love these photos :) 

    Maria xxx

  7. your dress is so cool and your hair looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks x 100000000 for your comment. I will definetly take your advice. You're like the blogging master!
    carla :)

  8. thank you for visiting :) i like that floral dress you're wearing, although the scottish weather isn't very nice, it certantly has interesting atmosphere to your photos !
    ebay is great isn't it? but yes i agree, shipping cam be expensive!!


  9. Hi again. For some really random reason I keep getting emails when people comment on your blog. it is really weird. If you know how to fix it please tell me.
    thanks, carla

  10. I love these photos a lot! I have a feeling that in the winter you'll still find a way to look fabulous!

  11. Hmm... that is weird. Is it just for this post or is it for all of them? If you accidently pressed the 'subscribe by email' button at the bottom that could be the problem, as it is just for comments (if you want to subscribe to the posts themselves it is up on the left hand side). Other than that I am not sure. Hopefully when I update it won't be a problem anymore but if it is let me know xo

  12. you look so lovely with your outfit =))  am a new follower here, am a big fan of
    all fashion bloggers, check out my blog and follow me too if you like.. I hope
    too see more of your post 





  13. I like yout outfit. nice blog.check out mine Please


  14. Hey Alice! I love this look. Nothing bets a great dress & cardi combo. And the purple looks gorgeous with your bright red hair. Thinking about dying my hair bright red but scared it will dry it out too much :(

    Kelly @ Elegantly Academic

  15. How do I unsubscribe?????

  16. Gorgeous, ghostly photos. I love your hair. It really gives your whole style a kick in the side - makes it as bold and 'statement' as it is sweet and vintage.


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