What I've Done: July 2011

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I am a huge fan of using the internet to chronicle my life, why risk loosing something when I can keep it online forever and ever and ever? The idea of having a monthly recap seemed like the next logical step. I love the method Kaylah at The Dainty Squid uses, so here is my own attempt.Warning: my new blogs list is considerably longer than hers, really, I tried to cut it down to only my favourites but I've found so many wonderful blogs over the past few weeks I couldn't resist  putting the large majority of them down.


Spending the day with my parents at the beach with the puppies.
Spending far too much of my time hanging around in my friend's back-garden.
My parents 31st anniversary.
The last Harry Potter Film.
Lots of birthdays.
Buying my own domain!
Tuppence getting ill and then making a miraculous recovery.
One friend of my close friends coming back after a month in Sudan, and another successfully climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
Learning how to play Viking chess
Watching Bertie have an awesome chasing dream next to me as I write this.
Visiting Jupiter Artland.


This month I got hugely in to Lie To Me and watched all three seasons over the months rainy days.

I've also discovered Terry Pratchett and devoured three of his books already (Small Gods, Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music) in addition to that I've read Apocolypso by Robert Rankin (so funny!), Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby and The 8th Confession by James Patterson.

At the start of the month I bought two new dresses from Asda, on sale for £5 each, although they haven't been introduced on the blog yet, hopefully soon though!

New (To Me) Blogs

A Thrifty Mrs: A frugal lifestyle blogger with some beautiful photos and one sharp wit
Art Equals Happy: I fell in love with Kim's blog when I saw her series of Harry Potter posts earlier this month
Bargainista on a Hunt: Meg describes her style as 'playful' and I can't help but agree, she also has one of the cutest and most unique layouts I have seen.
Dainty Dresses: Charlene's blog is the perfect mix of pretty pictures and style inspiration, and she's Scottish to boot :)
Elegantly Academic: Kelly's style is practical but absolutely beautiful, I love her use of colour. Plus it's great to see another elegant archaeology fanatic. 
Haus of Sarah Rachel: I love the effort Sarah puts into her accessories, she always manages to look really well put together. 
Here Comes The Sun: Amanda is just too cute! I wish I could steal her entire wardrobe, and her post on photoshopping isn't bad either. 
J. Bird*: You can't help but adore Julie, her sense of style, cute demeanour and adorable poses. I love her summer style, great inspiration during our Scottish heatwave. 
Lucy and the Runaways: Natalie has amazing style and one of the most fantastic fringe's I have seen in a long time. Jealous much.
Meek~n~MildNot only is Shirley awe-inspiringly beautiful, but she takes the most fantastic photos around London too.
Oh So Lovely Vintage: As the title suggests, this blog makes me want to eat, sleep and drink vintage, if only I could afford to.
One Sheepish Girl: Meredith makes the most adorable knitted things, and she has the sweetest writing style as well.
The Headless Mannequin: Beautiful photos, beautiful idea, lovely girl. This blog definitely has it all.

Next month I can look forward to:
The Festival, the Fringe and the book festival (so many festivals!)
Nikki's birthday today.
My birthday!
Nikki having 2 weeks off
Starting to volunteer at the British Heart Foundation in the books section.

What have your highlights been this month? Any particularly fun moments? Or any favourite outfits I should see? I've got a couple of parties coming up so I could do with the inspiration!

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  1. lovely post! the headless mannequin is one my new favs too!!!


  2. oranges_and_apples2 August 2011 at 07:58

    I will try to check out all of the blogs on that list I don't know, I'm ready for some new reads! 

  3. highlights? Getting new followers, having a harry potter marathon with my best friend, getting my purple jeans and more. 

  4. She's a total sweetheart isn't she? I feel like a total doofus, I meant to include you in this list and totally forgot. Somehow you went straight into my everyday reads list rather than starting in my newly added list, Oops. I'll make sure to stick you in next months instead xo

  5. I think Harry Potter was a highlight of everyone's month! Those purple jeans would definitely be a highlight for me xo

  6. I adore finding new blogs, such fun! I hope you find something you like in there xo

  7. Some cute blogs have come across a couple on my internet travels Meek~n~Mild has great imagery. Have fun with the fun you have lined up this month xx

  8. Hey hun, thanks so much for your lovely comment and for mentioning me on your blog it really means alot xx

  9. Theheadlessmannequinblog10 August 2011 at 01:13

    Was just catching up on your blog after a couple of days of being MIA in the blogosphere and saw you mentioned me...thanks so much :) I love your blog too so snap :)


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