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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is it just me or do I look a little bit drunk in this photo? I was trying to look more relaxed, to move around about it my photos but to be honest I think I just look like I can't stand up straight. Even the dog agrees. 

This is one of very few items in my wardrobe that I actually planned to buy. Usually my shopping trips involve me meandering around the local charity shops picking up various things and then putting them back, even when I go for a wander along Princes St (the main shopping street in Edinburgh city centre) I don't usually have any idea of what I actually want. 

I spotted this dress in the Sunday Time's Style supplement at the beginning of last summer and immediately fell in love, I had never owned a maxi dress before and I was determined that I would get this one. Unfortunately there isn't a Primark in Edinburgh (not yet anyway), so I called round all my friends in various cities in Scotland and begged them to go look in their local stores with the words 'it's a big and long and stripy and I need it'. 

Unfortunately no one could help. 

It took a trip down to London (not just to get the dress) to add it to my wardrobe. 

So worth it. I absolutely love this dress, and apparently so does everyone else, the first time I wore it a caricaturist approached me in the street and offered to draw me for free because he loved it so much. You have to love the people you meet in Edinburgh over the festival. 

How do you guys shop? Do you plan or just go for it? Do you have any clothes that have been a complete mission to get, but know they were worth it in the end? How about the other way round?

I hope you're all having an amazing weekend! I'm off to enjoy the sun while it lasts.

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  1. Theheadlessmannequinblog23 July 2011 at 14:19

    Haha...the first pic does look just a little like a drunken attempt at walking a straight line :) Great dress...I love stripes and I love maxi dresses so this is a winning combination. I tend to shop a little aimlessly too which means I end up with odds and ends and no complete outfits half the time. I'm hoping my blog will help change that though. Enjoy the sun!

  2. I love your dress, so cute and unique!


  3. Glad you managed to find the dress, it looks lovely.
    I tend to go shopping with an idea of what I want but I always end up buying more then what I aim for.....but if I get what I originally wanted I'd say I've done a good job ha xxx

  4. I like your dress. My shopping trips tend to involve me begging my mum for something like a blue playsuit and her generally buying me something more "realistic" like some ten dollar jeans.

  5. gorgeous dress! i love it styled with the aqua.

  6. loving your hair!
    it is gorgeous!


  7. It is a lovely dress, can't believe it is primarni, that shop is always surprising me.  I have had a few struggle buys, but always manage to get it somehow :) x 

  8. This dress is fab and you do look relaxed :) 

    Maria xxx

  9. love this combo of black and white stripes with turquoise, it looks really fun

  10. Oh, you make me smile! I've been trying out new poses too and I swear I look drunk in most of them. ;)

    This dress really is lovely and heck, I'd draw you too in it!

  11. I love the dress and the sweater over it is perfect. It breaks up the stripes a bit:)
    You should enter this look in todays Many Layers Monday link-up if you get a chance:)

    I sometimes have a set plan when i shop, and sometimes i just go in and go crazy!

  12. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!  Love yours too!  And I love that stripey dress!  It looks great on you!

    And the "drunk" picture is great!  Heehee =)

    Julie Del @ J.Bird

  13. That dress is incredible! It looks so great on you.


  14.  That is such a great dress, you look beautiful and unique.  It's a tough feeling to quell when you see something amazing and must get your hands on it!  I love your pictures Alice, and adore your fun honesty about the first one. 

  15. Your striped dress is so gorgeous! And it goes so beautifully with your bright coloured bag! <3
    xLost in the Haze

  16. I love love love that dress (especially on you). Jealous much! xox


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