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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sometimes there simply isn't anything particularly positive you can say about the state of the world. This past week has felt like one of those times, my heart goes out to anyone who has been affected by the tragedy in Norway, as well as the family and friends of the talented Miss Winehouse. In the typical fashion of bad news coming in groups I've also just found out that a close family friend has been diagnosed with Huntington's Disease. All these things have made it slightly difficult for me to justify prancing around in pretty clothes taking photos of myself. 

Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the negativity and pain in the world, so much of the news seems to be reported to create fear or distrust but one news item earlier in the week really did wonders at making me feel more positive. 

Source: via Jemma on Pinterest

This is Phyllis Siegel, 77, and her new wife Connie Kopelov, 85, one of the first couples to marry under New York's new laws regarding gay marriage. I realise this isn't the most popular decision in the USA at the moment, and I am not posting this to get into any kind of argument about the morality of gay marriage, I wanted to share it because this picture, the happiness on their faces, their happiness at finally getting to official be with the person they love (the couple have been together for 23 years) genuinely moved me to tears.

In entirely unrelated news, last night I bought myself an early birthday present (I turn 24 next month)
I won't be switching over for a little while yet, I want to get myself all sorted first, decide whether I am going to stick with blogger or move on to wordpress, maybe fiddle with my layout a bit, make an 'about me' section and teach myself some snazzy new skills at the same time but at some point in the (not too far) future I will make the move. It feels very serious indeed to be taking this step, particularly when I can't really afford to, but  blogging has had a surprisingly large influence on my life in the past few months and it feels like the right thing to do. 

At the moment if you go to the site you will just be taken to an under construction Wordpress site but I think I will have a moving over ceremony of some kind, maybe even host a giveaway to celebrate. 

Happy Thursday everyone, only one more day till the weekend!

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  1. Ruby Geentjens28 July 2011 at 15:04

    those two men look so happy! I never had a problem with gay marriage. They are just human like we all are ^-^

  2. This is such a great post Alice! The latest tragedies have been awful (The US too is going through some debt issues that are pretty scary), but I feel like style blogging is a positive way of making people forget their problems and become inspired creatively. I am so happy about NY's decision and hopefully it will be legal in every state!!

    I am so sorry about your family friend!


  3. Such a great, heart-lifting story.  There are days when I just cannot bring myself to read the news rolls ... so much hurt, pain, and anger {and unfairness} out there in this world, it can be tough to swallow.


  4. Miss Winehouse was my inspiration musically, such a terrible loss and I am not sure what was happening with the world last week, with Norway and terrible crash in China. Makes you put your life in perspective. x  


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