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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rain, rain, go away...
And you know what, just don't come back till October, m'kay?

My days have started to develop a specific pattern recently, I wake up, I put on something nice, I look out the window and then put on something warm and boring instead. I have had a similarly depressed pattern for taking outfit photos which involves me getting outside in my slightly less exciting outfit and then being unable to take a photo because I am too scared to put my camera down anywhere.

Yesterday however, success! Well, very brief success when it didn't rain for a whole 15 minutes, and maybe I wasn't wearing an outfit I would usually photograph, and maybe it is obviously I haven't washed my hair, but honestly, I don't care - I managed to take photos!

Coat: Zara (swapped) Leggings: Primark (new) Wellies: Hawkheads (used to belong to my mum) Jumper: Unknown (thrifted)

How awkward do my arms look in these shots? I just never know what to do with them. I finally got round to dyeing my hair again last night so I will put some photos up as soon as I can.

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  1. Love the wellies!

  2. Urgh. I totally get you. Because here in Oregon, it's still overcast, gross and rainy with only a few beautiful days scattered inbetween the messy. Love the comfy looking cowl neck on your sweater :D 

  3. Funny Little Frog28 June 2011 at 18:31

    Have you not got this fantastic weather we've had? This may not be an outfit you would normally photograph but it does look lovely and warm, and I love the location xxx

  4. I know the feeling of looking awkward in photos! You should visit The Daybook, she has a video somewhere on her blog about posing ^^ It's a really funny video, but it helped me! ^^ x


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