The Brain, The Beast & The Biscuit Boy

The 48 Four Film Project comes to Edinburgh just after exams every year and creates more stress than any other event in my social calender. Unfortunately, or not so unfortunately, I was away for the weekend of it this year, which meant I wasn't there to help for what might be the last Team Bollard/Owen Hill Creations collaboration ever. 

Now, I have never really been involved in the film festival, usually my role involves turning up a couple of times over the weekend with food, or if I am really unlucky, playing a small role (this happened 2 years ago, tonsillitis+a speaking role = unmitigated disaster). Now, maybe it is because I wasn't involved this year, or maybe these guys are just getting even better and better but this years film has been my favourite so far so I thought I would share it with you.

I'm so happy for all of them, but especially Hessie who spent most of the weekend working on the credits and  then, quite deservingly, won an award for them.

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Crazy, Right Now

Rain, rain, go away...
And you know what, just don't come back till October, m'kay?

My days have started to develop a specific pattern recently, I wake up, I put on something nice, I look out the window and then put on something warm and boring instead. I have had a similarly depressed pattern for taking outfit photos which involves me getting outside in my slightly less exciting outfit and then being unable to take a photo because I am too scared to put my camera down anywhere.

Yesterday however, success! Well, very brief success when it didn't rain for a whole 15 minutes, and maybe I wasn't wearing an outfit I would usually photograph, and maybe it is obviously I haven't washed my hair, but honestly, I don't care - I managed to take photos!

Coat: Zara (swapped) Leggings: Primark (new) Wellies: Hawkheads (used to belong to my mum) Jumper: Unknown (thrifted)

How awkward do my arms look in these shots? I just never know what to do with them. I finally got round to dyeing my hair again last night so I will put some photos up as soon as I can.

Sunshine Pavilion

Do you ever walk past somewhere and know you just have to take some photos there? It was all I could think about for days, but every time I walked past there was always a crowd and I didn't have the guts to go through with it. 

Determination won out though. These were taken at about 7am and I totally adore them. I think for the first time since I started doing outfit posts I am happier with the photo than I am the outfit itself!
I'm finally back in Edinburgh after my amazing time in Dundee, so the past few days have been filled with tons of washing, dog baths, catching up with my family and general housekeeping. I'm hoping to get out and take some photos in Edinburgh soon, I forgot what a beautiful city I live in while I was away!

Pretty Boy

Isn't he just gorgeous? This is my amazingly beautiful friend Sadiq, now, usually I wouldn't ask you guys to do stuff like this, but this gorgeous specimen of man is part of the 'Make Me The Next Model' 2011 campaign and it would mean so much to me if you guys would go vote for him here. He is a beautiful man, and a beautiful person so it would mean so much to me if you go vote.

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It Smells Like Burnt Apples

Just a quick post with my some photos of my last couple of days. I'm just home now (literally not even unpacked yet) but I've got lots more photos to show you over the next few days.

Some amazingly yummy food - I have seriously been eating like a king.

Making lamps out of random pieces of fruit

An epic game of risk (me and Hessie were meant to be pink, but she pretty much carried us)
A slightly better shot of my dress from my last post. I tried to get a couple so I could post about it, but this was the only one that came out. I totally adore it.

Anyone got plans for the weekend? I'm thinking of having a lazy couple of days and then starting the summer job hunt on Monday.

Nylon & Lace

I totally adore the way my friend Hesther has her bed set out, in fact her whole room is lovely, so when she popped out to go to the bank one afternoon I couldn't resist taking a couple of outfit posts using it as a backing (don't worry - I got permission first)

Whole outfit minus socks from Primark, Socks: Borrowed

Doesn't she just have the most lovely room? And her stuffed toys are so cute, I couldn't resist incorporating them into the shots.

I have been having a lot of fun downloading Photoshop Actions Sets recently. I'm kind of limited camera-wise, so I'm really dependent on Photoshop to sharpen and fix the colours on my photos but I downloaded a couple of sets and I have been having an unbelievable amount of fun with them.

So far I have spent a lot of time using The Pioneer Woman Photoshop Actions, which are beautiful, but I've also just downloaded some from KalifBanane and 'manicho which I am really excited about fiddling around with later today.

Have any of you guys got any particular photo editing tips? What do you prefer to use?

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Being in Dundee has been incredibly busy. Unbelievably so. I'm loving every moment of it.

The day after I arrived a bunch of us had a bbq at a park close by, it was wonderful. The weather was incredible, and no one burnt themselves on either of the disposable bbqs so I think we can consider that a win on all accounts. 

I adore the dress I borrowed from Hesther, although I have to admit it was a little heavy for this weather. She has offered to lend it for me until the next time I come up though, so expect to see it again in the near future.

After pigging out in the sun and making daisy chains we did the only thing we could and migrated to the Art Bar, where a couple of our friends work. I totally love the little patio they have at the back, and the fact they sell ginger beer.

Naturally, it being Scotland, the good weather hasn't lasted, but I've got my fingers crossed for the rest of today. I really want to go throw messages in bottles into the Tay.

About Me: May 2011

What colour is your toothbrush? Navy blue with a tongue scraper
Name one person who made you smile today: Nikki, Hessie, Gordon & Alex
What were you doing at 8am this morning? Sleeping in
What were you doing 45 minutes ago? Trying to design a new blog header
What is your favourite chocolate bar? Galaxy Cookie Crumble 
Have you ever been to a strip club? No
What is the last thing you said aloud? "Sweet chili sauce?"
What is your favourite ice cream? Vanilla
What was the last thing you drank? Apple diluting juice
Do you like your wallet? Yes, although the zip on the coin section did just break :(
What was the last thing you ate? Veggie fingers (great midnight snack)
Have you bought any new clothing items this week? No, but I am planning on buying some chinos
The last sporting event you watched? 10 minutes of rugby last weekend
Who is the last person you sent a text to? Nikki
Ever go camping? Not since I was a girl guide
Do you take vitamins daily? If I remember
Do you go to church every week? No, I'm Agnostic
Do you have a tan? Haha, no, my Scottish skin doesn't tan
Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza? Depends on my mood
Do you drink your soda with a straw? Only if I am given one
What are you doing tomorrow? No current plans
If you look to the left what do you see? A wall
What colour is your watch? White
Can you say the alphabet backwards? No, it confuses me
Do any of your friends have children? Some
Do you like cats? They make me uncomfortable
Are you thinking about someone right now? No, I'm thinking about this!
What is your worst scar? I have a small one on my head from falling down the stairs

I actually nearly forgot I had already written this post, it seems to be one of the few scheduled things I have managed to keep to. Go me! 

Ketchup Sandwiches

Did anyone else eat Ketchup sandwiches when they were little? Or is that just me?

That's besides the point, besides, this was meant to be a quick post.

I actually wanted to talk about my amazing brunch yesterday at, you guessed it, Ketchup. No, unfortunately it wasn't the Ketchup owned by Ashton Kutcher, no Hollywood for me, I'm still scumming it in Dundee, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good coffee and some awesome fifties diner style decoration. 

I even got a KitKat with my coffee, what could be better? Unfortunately I wasn't too hungry when we went along so I missed out on all of the awesome burgers, but I did try out there special Ketchup, and I have to say, it's good. A little high on the red pepper for my tastes but I could definitely appreciate it, I almost wish I had picked some up now.

I can't believe it is the weekend already and I am still in Dundee, I planned on going home yesterday but seeing a I have nothing to go back for in Edinburgh I thought I might just hang around a little longer. I'm totally loving this free and easy life at the moment!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend.