Why You Had To Hide Away For So Long

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I can't believe it, but I think we might be having an early summer. The past few days up here have been fantastic, blue skies, no wind, and my hayfever has already started acting up. It was so fantastic yesterday I couldn't resist heading out with the dogs and grabbing a couple of photos in the park. 

8th April 2011 1

8th April 2011 2

8th April 2011 1

As you can see I haven't quite perfected finding the best light yet, half of the photos came out with shadow cutting off the pattern on the dress, but it was a fantastic learning experience. And I only got about four odd looks! Of course the puppies had to photobomb at least one of them...

Fingers crossed the weather will stay nice, I've been dying to have a picnic for months but it's been too cold. Maybe tomorrow if I am lucky :)

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  1. hi there ^^ It's lovely to hear the weather has been good down there! People always tell me that it rains like 350 days a year in England(?). But thats probably a bit exagurrated, no? anyways, I love your dress ^^ it so adorable :) I am still learning my photography ways too :) The result gets better after every try. It's a trial and error thing :) good luck!

    Have a fun weekend


  2. Nice to hear the weather is nice! I hope it would be nice tomorrow to, so you can have your picnic!
    your hair is so nice! love the color, I always wanted to paint is like your, but I'm to scarry x)
    love your dress, it gives me a summer feeling.

    LondoN & pAris

  3. did you have somebody with you to take the photos? I think they have turned out well. Cute dress too xxx


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