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Friday, April 29, 2011

Has anyone seen my camera?

I made my worst mistake ever as a blogger so far, and left my faithful Coolpix point and click at someones house  last week. Lets just say it has made taking photos very difficult. I couldn't resist doing a post today though, although I didn't watch the royal wedding (maybe it is to do with being very proudly Scottish) but I couldn't resist putting on my brogues and taking a couple of photos. 

Blouse: Thrifted, Strap top, Cardigan, Brogues & Reading Glasses: Primark, Skirt: H&M

Yup, despite not watching the wedding, I feel very British today. Did any of you guys watch it? Any thoughts on Kate's dress? I thought the lace detail was lovely, but I'm not to sure about the shape of the bodice. Or do you guys just not care at all?

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  1. Gorgeous shoes! I wasn't intending to watch the wedding but I ended up doing it and I thought the dress was fab, she looked gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  2. i love your red hair girl, love it!

  3. I wondered why you hadn't posted in a while!! Hope you find your camera. These photos are lovely love your outfit and the setting xxx

  4. I love your hair! Kisses

  5. I love the outfit! Great shoes, hair, glasses, everything is great :)


  6. Thank you so much for your comment =) I looove your hair colour, it's absolutely stunning! And that outfit is very cute too, I love the way the brogues look with it =D

  7. i love your red hair girl, love it!


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