Mellow Yellow

Monday, April 11, 2011

My photos today didn't quite go to plan, not because of the photos themselves, but because my usb connector for my camera seems to have decided to go on strike. It is a shame really, I managed to finally take some nice detail pictures but they seem to have all been eaten by either the camera or my laptop. What do you guys do when you have camera issues? Just leave them, or use what you can and hope for the best?

Strappy top: Primark, Shoes: Primark via Nikki, Cardigan: Primark via Nikki, Dress (worn as skirt): H&M, Belt: Primark, Necklace: Present

Once again, I got photobombed by one of the dogs.

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  1. I love your look! Sorry for your pictures, but I have no idea what to do :S
    Hope for the best I guess. xxx


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